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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Whats this???


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
May 8, 2012
just wanted to say how much i like you and the team locking down threads that naturally end of life or become redundant due to further information etc.

Ie the pick your team becomes the offical team becomes the game day thread becomes the post match thread.

Nice and clean keeps everything simple and in a consecutive order, with no double posting as people try and say the same thing in multiple threads


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Appreciate they help pay the way for us to cyber rant but those ads in portrait are fucking annoying! Any chance of keeping the top of the page ad landscape and the bottom of the page one portrait? All good if you cant...
whoops something went wrong there. yes totally annoying. header and footer ads removed until i can get it back to normal and not being so intrusive.


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Hey guys,
Regular visitors might have noticed some recent changes to the site. It is ongoing and still quite a bit to be done before next season. There might be times during the offseason where something does not look right, or does not work whilst this work is ongoing. Usually it means there is work going on, and will be fixed. However if in the event that the issue is not rectified after a day or so, can you please PM me in the event i might have missed it (or messed up).

Onto some new things. These changes are supposed to make the site more user friendly in terms of posting, viewing and finding the right information quickly.

Each thread created now has a prefix. What these prefixes are depend entirely on the forum you are posting in.

Please select the best prefix for each new thread created. If there isnt one already created, please use 'General Discussion'.

At the top of each forum section, there is a list of all the prefixes/categories used.

Clicking any in particular will take you to all the threads marked by that prefix. For example, if i was interested in stats threads in the Warriors section, i would click on stats, and it would take me to a page with all threads marked with that stats prefix. Example below.


This can make things searching and finding things a lot easier.

The homepage has been modified so that it is able to give more visibility to hot threads, especially to new visitors to the site.

Highlighted Posts
Whilst browsing through threads you might find some posts with a yellow background. Its basically to give the post more visibility than others due to the number of likes the post has attracted. (the look of the highlighted posts will probably change, but will still stand out more than other posts)

User Tagging
As always you can tag users to a post (they will get an alert) by using the @ symbol followed by their username. A slight change has been made so that now the system will pull the user's avatar and place it next to the tag. Tagging is a neat way of alerting other posters to a piece of content.

Theres probably a couple of other small changes as well but not worth mentioning. As always, if there is some cool idea to make the experience better, let us know.


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
May 19, 2012
Brisbane Queensland Australia
Great Job Team,
as I'm In Brisvagas This is my home away from home,
every day I come on here (sometimes twice if I can sneak away) and catch up on whats happening around our club.
and you guys just make it that much easier.
cheers Chris
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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
As you would have noticed by now, we have a new logo! Thanks to Rizzah for the awesome new look. He is also working on some creative ideas for the t shirt that has been mooted. If you have any cool ideas, feel free drop him a line.

Another thing currently being worked on is, creating a player profile for every player to have donned the Warriors jersey. mt.wellington mt.wellington is undertaking that huge task, so if you have any info on previous players on what they are upto, or can assist him in doing these player profiles, please reach out to him.

We want this to be the biggest NZ Warriors resource on the net, from discussions, latest news, stats, game footage, to fan interactive stuff like polls, player ratings etc. If there is anything that we can do to make the site better, feel free to get in touch!

btw...a few msgs came across when the site was down on Monday morning between midnight and 10am..the website simply said 'account suspended'. Rest assured it did not mean that your account was was simply a case of forgetting to pay the monthly hosting fees whilst on a lil break. Whoops!

With the Xmas break among us, wishing you all a merry xmas and a happy and safe new year!

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