General Siuatonga Likiliki

He has to play 1st grade in round 10, he is in awesome form.
Apparently on his way back to the Warriors for next year.

Centre problems sorted or not?
Where'd you hear that, numbnuts? (haha, hard to talk to you without feeling like I'm insulting you...)

If true, I don't think that solves our centre problem.
I guess it solves the Vulcans reserve centre problem?

In all seriousness, I'd be willing to give him a chance. He has all the potential, just needs to get the top two inches sorted out, whether moving to Aussie has done that is yet to be seen.
Im embarrassed to admit it but my source is from the VOT site. Claims its in RLW but ill get a copy to confirm.

I dont think it solves anything. He never really did it for me.
I like the way our recruitment is heading, the idea being we develop our own players and only buy in players who are world class. But I think this should also apply to ex warriors players so neither steve raps or likiliki should have been signed.
I'm with numbnutz, was never a huge fan.

Couldn't break into a Knights side, even with Mad Dog leaving? Well....sign hm up then! :confused1:
Hopefully he's developed during his stint in Newcastle, but I'm not holding my breath.

Hurrell is currently more equipped to handle first grade than Likiliki was when I saw him last and like most I feel Hurrell is a year away.
I feel Hurrell is about 5 weeks away, let's see him in the finals.
How far away is the Grand Final? That's when I want to see Hurrell on debut.
He'll be the next Clinton Toopi, in his prime at age 23 and go downhill from there.
If he's walking out half way through a contract, we wont be paying much for him. Which is probably what hes worth.
When is his contract with the Knights until?

If he is going to be playing NSW Cup either way, he'd probably prefer to be home. I guess he isn't the worst player to have incase of a huge injury crisis, but I wouldn't have him in my top 30.

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