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Simon Mannering Autobiography GIVEAWAY


Just in time for some holiday cheer we are giving away a signed Simon Mannering Autobiography. All you have to do is post a comment below. Maybe tell us what Mannering meant to you, the club, your favourite Mannering moment... anything.

The winner will be chosen based on a number you will all be assigned and put through a random number generator.

Rules are simple.

1. One entry per member regardless of how many posts they make in this thread.
2. New posters who have been members for over a month will get two entries.
3. New members who post in any other thread will get three entries.
4. Entries close on 20/12/18. Winner will be ASAP.

Can still remember this gangly looking rookie playing on either the wing or the centres. It was an anniversary game against the broncos. Still even at such a young age he looked like he belonged in a warriors jersey playing first grade. That gangly looking rookie was named Simon Mannering and will be talked about for generations. Awesome player, hope your not too missed on the field tho Juju.
I remember meeting Simon Mannering at Auckland Airport about 4 years ago with a few other kiwis players like Thomas Luluai (grumpy fullah lol)..he looked shattered and in a hurry yet the moment i asked for a quick photo he was all smiles and said no worries..we took the photo and i got to chat to him for all of 40 seconds roughly lol..all i can say is wow a humbler person iv yet to meet.
One of my earliest Warriors memories was watching him debut in that awesome retro strip, never looked out of place in the NRL which says a lot about the guy, being still new to Rugby League in general. Thought he was the man because he was a south islander like me, along with Corey Lawrie in those early days.

Wrote him an email when I was 17 asking for his autograph, and he sent an entire signed Warriors poster (including Sonny Fai's signature) and a personal note. Legend!
One thing I always used to say when watching Simon Mannering play is that you don’t want to be running straight at him. What we used to say as kids when we tackled other kids head on was ‘No Where!’ Well to me in defence he was Mr ‘No Where!’

There is no Warriors or Kiwi side where I won’t have Mannering in the GOAT team.
Every so often New Zealand produces sportsmen tha by their on field deeds inspire team mates and admiration from their fans and sports fans internationally.

A smaller band of these also are humble and deserve the title of Role Model. Meads Devoy McCaw Lovelock Adams to name few.

It is a tribute to Simon that his name sits easily with these legends and well deserved.
As much as I admire his on field work especially his huge motor and watching him rag doll guys on D. A small thing off the field got me. A pretty big star, got some celebrity status but still humble.

My wife met one of the Warriors when she was pregnant with our first child while at a cafe with her workmates. The player was there with his partner who was pregnant at the time. My wife mentioned how the guy was really pleasant to a pregnant stranger and went out of his way to ask how she was doing.

Ok she first told me it was Nathan Friend. So despite the amount I watch this team I learnt she doesn't pay much attention to my interests.

She came back a few days later that it was Mannering after her workmate told she should at least be able to recognise the captain.

She was quite excited. The only other time I've seen her like that was when she met Dan Carter.


Simon is to the Warriors what Richie was to the All Blacks. Our fearless leader, who lead by his actions not his words, whose difference between his best and his worst was negligible.

Simon will always be a Warrior.
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Finished the book in like 2 sittings, there’s lots of cool stuff about his earlier career, a bit less about the latter warriors years. He was obviously very proud about representing the kiwis, there is quite a bit of detail on those games. Also photos and its not long. I laugh when athletes who take themselves very seriously release these massive tomes, Steve Waugh’s book was like 800 pages and weighed as much as small child.

I don’t want a copy – just saying it’s a good read!