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Ready for your 3,2,1 ratings post-match.

Voting closes Wednesday night.


I'll need to rewatch the game, but Inu, Manu and Maloney were definitely up there.


3. Inu (Scored the try and just as importantly caught the short kick off, two match winning plays)
2. Maloney (Kept us in the game with his long kicking, scored a ripper of a try and just generally looked like he should play origin)
1. Manu Vatuvei. the beast ran well all night, didn't drop any bombs and just generally tried his guts out

HM Mateo/Matulino (both had great games, can't split them) Luck (Tried his guts out and just generally looked like he wanted to win)


3. Inu
2. Vatuvei
1. The dummy half runners in the second half

Magic Stick_old

3 - Matulino instant us back in the game with his runs
2 - Inu...well this guy is a mystery with buckets load of talent
1 - Vatuvei Started all our sets off perfectly.great bounce back


I need to think about this but Manu deserves all the plaudits he receives as he was immense.
There was effort all across the park and it shouldn't be overlooked how well Brown did after a shaky start, was his best performance since the test match. I was going to make a cleary/inu comment but the game really spoke for itself and the issue should now be settled, hopefully. We played smart in the 2nd half in terms of making meters and kicking deep... finals football.

3. Maloney
2. Manu
1. Inu

I love rugby league and I love the Warriors.


In a game like that I don't think I'd trade our backline for anything. When the tough gets going and we needed to work hard to get out of our end, all of our backline got in and did a magic job. Vatuvei was exceptional.

3 James Maloney - half breaks through the middle galore
2 Manu Vatuvei - exceptional at getting us on the front foot
1 Lewis Brown - the perfect follow up out of dummy half I thought off Vatuvei's bursts

I have a soft spot for forwards, but to me our backline played like an extra set of forwards tonight and were exceptional.


3. Inu - His arrogance. Self confidence, literally won us the game.
2. Locke - What this man does for us in defence. Wowski!
1. Manu - Showed class when it really counted. Simply, he stood up.

H.M. Maloney, Lucky and Mateo.


3. INUUUUUU!!!! - Scores the try that no-one else could score to save our season. Not to mention his early line breaks when our boys were getting hammered and cool takes in the air.

2. Locke - Fearless on attack and defence.

1. Manu - For the feel-good factor. Mistake free and energetic. Smashed the line on attack and nullified Ryan.

HM Maloney and Mateo of course.


3. Inu FREAK!

2. Maloney, he just kept chipping away.

1. Locke, he may have come off second best in trying to stop the trys but he also sparked us with that dummy run.

The boys make some much ground from dummy, they should stick to that, thats the Warriors strength, and so much ball playing comes off that. We go on, the boys get another chance.
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