General Season 2015 Warriors Predictions

Where will the Warriors finish the regular season in 2015?

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Player of the year: The Pom
Most Improved: Thompson, I think the Warriors will be good for him, more opportunity, He is strong where the Warriors are weak (aggression).
Best Rookie: Lisone
Player that will disappoint the most: Actually the coach, no matter what he does the coach always pisses someone off.
Top Try Scorer:

Kata, If Hurrell gets fit ( mainly in the head....matures and runs with his wingman he shouldn't be where a backline ends) Hurrell creating opportunities for the faster Kata who is still pretty strong will make the rest of the back line more fluid. This is an idea I'm pretty strong on. A back line will function better from the halves if the play makers know the outsides have their timing and shit together. Confidence.

See we play a style here where we overplay our hand from positions one to 13. That's inbred, the adrenaline surge. Spine players are less likely to overplay if centers don't over play and Wingers can play the game on the edge and pass the ball back inside.

The ball should beat the man, kids stuff.

Team biggest strength:

The coach. Fullahs pretty hard. That's a start. Learning exponentially I am certain (look at the forwards hes after)

Team biggest weakness:

Mental. Could write a book but why punish ourselves with the same drivel lol


Player of the year: Shaun Johnson, most probable pick as he continues to grow into an all round footballer.
Most Improved: David Fusitua/Matt Allwood, Fusitua to return early and both to hold long term spots in the team. Both a nice style contrast to their respective Ctr/Wng partners.
Best Rookie: Kata, in after the first one or two injuries a third to mid way thru the year, never headed and finishes with a finals series under his belt. Lisone too small for a meaningful debut this year.
Player that will disappoint the most: Friend and TL. Hooker an issue for us all year.
Top Try Scorer: Manu.
Team biggest strength: The second row's consistency, defence, minutes, metres and lack of injury.
Team biggest weakness: 80 minutes efforts and week in week out consistency. Wins in the road.

Voted 5th/6th finish, see them Top 4 after origin series with a late fade.
Player of the year: Matulino or Matagi. Both players with huge potential who are at the age where front row players normally step up to their best...
Most Improved: Ikihihifo. He showed some real determination to excel last season, and I don't see why he won't carry on with that this year.
Best Rookie: Kata. Will become our bench impact player from narm... He can play any position in the back line (or hooker) by the sounds of things, with his union background as a half back, and his obvious abilities as a running back, not to mention his power (which could maybe even see him playing lock (if we can play Leuluai at lock then anythings possible at the Warriors right.....) ... I see him turning games on their heads often... as long as his injuries don't hold him back...;)
Player that will disappoint the most: Johnson. He's playing in tall poppy central and he's the tallest poppy ATM. So he's 100% certain to fail to live up to expectations and get chopped by all who are superior.
Top Try Scorer: Manu or Hurrel. Both are unstoppable close to the line.
Team biggest strength: Risk taking. Creating something from nothing when the safe play was to take the tackle and start again...:D
Team biggest weakness: Risk taking. Trying to create something from nothing when the safe play was to take the tackle and start again...:blackeye:


7th or 8th, possibly 5 or 6 if key players are injury free, agree it'd take a miracle to win the comp outside of the top 4.

Player of the year: Konrad Hurrell, johnson would be best for our title chances, but the hurrellcane should have a monster campaign, could easily be the best attacking centre in the comp if he stays injury free.

Most Improved: Ngani Laumape if he can cement a place at left centre. Sam Rapira might have one more big season in the tank, Lillyman had a career best season at age 30, could happen for someone else, Rapira will only be 28 this year.

Best Rookie: Solomone Kata, most likely to get game time, if injury crisis hits the backrow Raymond Faitala-Marriner was one of the better looking NSW cup players last year.

Player that will disappoint the most: Bodene Thompson, disappointment against expectations, Bukuya was supposed to add starch and aggression, didn't come close. Will have better work rate and different players, but Thompson is not a big man either, can see Henry or Ikahihifo stealing his game time.

Top Try Scorer: Manoo, closely followed by Hurrell

Team biggest strength: Whipping the shit out of crap teams, the backline will be extremely hard to handle once we get on a roll againt inferior teams.

Team biggest weakness: Defence, clap, clap, clap, defence, not a single one of the backs is better at defending than attacking (maybe townsend) and the back 3 are outright poor at it. The forwards are small in the middle, if they take the held call seriously, good teams'll rack up 60m+ sets against us with regularity.
Player of the year: Ryan Hoffman
Most Improved: Ngani Laumape
Best Rookie: Sam Lisone
Player that will disappoint the most: Thomas Leuluai
Top Try Scorer: Ngani Laumape
Team biggest strength: 1st half
Team biggest weakness: 2nd half
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Player of the year: Shaun Johnson
Most Improved: Ben Matulino - I'd have picked a younger player, but I took improved as "come back from a disappointing 2014" rather than "build on a rookie 2014" which I guess as how most of us are taking it.
Best Rookie: Lisone/Kata.
Player that will disappoint the most: Leuluai/Friend.
Top Try Scorer: Manu Vatuvei
Team biggest strength: Attack
Team biggest weakness: Knowing how to play boring to close tight games out when we're in a winning position. Team struggle to slow things down, not try and be clever, just let that countdown keep on counting down....

I see Wikipedia reckons Fish is a FE, WG (Five Eigth, Wing). Is there a B looking for it's F somewhere??
I keep harping back to stats so I'll go it again for this one.

If we win at least 6 of our first 10 games we will be a shoo in for the finals. At this time I'm choosing 5th to 6th.

IF we don't win at least 6 our first 10 games, then don't expect finals to come about. Simple really going on stats.

Player of the year: Ryan Hoffman - I chose Ryan because I liked what I saw at the 9s. If he fires, then so will Johnson, and if Johnson fires so will Tomkins, and if Tomkins fires then so will Chad. It's a domino effect - We need to win at least 6 of the first 10 games. These guys are important.
Most Improved: Shaun Johnson - If Shaun Johnson steps up so will we.
Best Rookie: Lisone/Kata/Tui - All three if given the chance could produce.
Player that will disappoint the most: Allwood. He will be behind the 8 ball.
Top Try Scorer: Manu Vatuvei and Sam Tomkins
Team biggest strength: Attack - The Highlight Reel is what it's all about. Play hot potatoe and teams won't cope. The Razzle Dazzle.
Team biggest weakness: Mental. If we are down by 18, they know they can come back, but mentally close up shop. Get rid of that and we'll be right.
Player of the year: Johnson
Most Improved: Tomkins because his best has yet to be seen in the NRL
Best Rookie: Lisone or Kata if he covers a few spots as Hoffman alluded to.
Player that will disappoint the most: Friend and Leuluai
Top Try Scorer: Tomkins
Team biggest strength: Consistency of intensity across the board for 80 minutes week after week
Team biggest weakness: Referees allowing our players to be held down for too long.
Player that will surprise the most: Jonothan Wright will be better and have more impact then generally expected.
All comes down to how the forwards set the platform. We know Lillyman will front up. Hopefully the mindset of the others is about grafting over the season.

I am more concerned about front rowers metres gained and tackle counts. The rest will take care of itself as afar as individual awards go. It is the team that dictates who gets individual awards.
I don't quite get some of the votes for most disappointing player. Before this thread was made the likes of Friend, Rapira, Leuluai etc were expected to perform poorly. I can't see them being that disappointing when the expectations weren't high to begin with.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Johnson will be the most disappointing player. That isn't to say he'll be bad, far from it. But when expectations of him are as high as they are after an awesome four nations campaign, I can't blame him if he doesn't reach the hights people have expected of him.
Player of the year: Shaun JohnsonLike Mt Wellington, I’ve got us winning the Premiership, and have convinced myself, as I always do every year, that this is the one! Shaun Johnson has to own the team and live up to his Golden Boot if I am to die happy!
Most Improved: Konrad HurrellFrightened the daylights out of everyone with his attack but fitness and defense weren’t as scary (unless you were a fan!). Fit and his shit fully together he will kill; it this year!
Best Rookie: Solomone Kata. Can’t see too many rookies coming through, but this boy will be hard to deny. If we don’t use him someone else will – haven’t been this excited about a rookie since Sonny Fai!
Player that will disappoint the most: Manu Vatuvei - Been the top try scorer since 2008, good chance he’ll win it again. Will also be our top meter gainer. He never disappoints me but he’ll have more forum scribes saying he’s old, crap or the next prop than any one else. – even when he does have his best season EVAH.
Top Try Scorer:
. Konrad HurrellIf Shaun Johnson plays that side of the field Konnie will have a field day.
Team biggest strength: Cappy. No bullshit, deliver or fuck off attitude. It’s what we’ve waited for. No moaning when he flicks someone for not delivering – even if he’s a fan favourite! Probably has to let someone go to let the rest know how serious he is.
Team biggest weakness: Our History – Forget the last 20 years on the rollercoaster, never got us anything but frustrated. Don’t want to hear media bullshit about razzle dazzle or commentators wanking on about our big tired props. New year, new team, new attitude, new outcome. Premiership 2015.
Player of the year: Shaun JohnsonStill a work in progress but like a lot around here IMO we won't win a Premiership if he isn't our best.
Most Improved: Thomas LeuluaiHe needs to be easily our 2nd best if we are to win the Premiership
Best Rookie: Solomone Kata. The way he has started the year points to having him in a full strength backline, could we handle it defensively? ST,SK,KH,NL,MV???
Player that will disappoint the most: Trent Merrin He's just cock teasing us.
Top Try Scorer:. Manu - 24 to 25 tries to the big fella this year I reckon.
Team biggest strength: Defensive Offence, we were incredibly impressive with some the scragg defence last year, particularly Manners, we need that attitude for 80 minutes from the team.
Team biggest weakness: Mental fatigue - our biggest issue for the longest time, we seem to have been addressing that with the pre-season however, I'm feeling far more buoyant about the approaching season than 4 months ago, good stuff bring on the 2015 Telstra Premiership.
Team biggest weakness: Mental fatigue - our biggest issue for the longest time, we seem to have been addressing that with the pre-season however, I'm feeling far more buoyant about the approaching season than 4 months ago, good stuff bring on the 2015 Telstra Premiership.
When Brendon McCullum retires from cricket the Warriors should get him onboard to address how to stay up and in the contest. Since he has become captain of the cricket team it seems to have given them a competitive advantage, the team doesn't give up and even when the game is gone they throw everything into it.
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This is the key moment for the Warriors season. 2 games off the pace, lose the next game and I'd say the season is over.

I know this comp stays tight when you look at the table throughout the season, and its only 6 points when we look at it but making up 3 games just to get to a 50 percent record is a race against time, hoping other teams go on a losing streak.


Team biggest strength: Defensive Offence, we were incredibly impressive with some the scragg defence last year, particularly Manners, we need that attitude for 80 minutes from the team.
Did Iro really fuck this or was it the number of rookies? gone backwards a long way since last season.