Post Match [Round 7, 2022] - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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70 AAMI Park
25 Apr 2022 21:00
80th minute

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We’re a team playing old style. Storm is the new touch style the NRL wants.

Just like last year, the fastest team blew the slower team away and the score blew out with no hope of keeping it close once fatigued.
I've never been this embarrassed as a fan.

I don't think Kosi sees another game for a while, Ratuva hasn't lit the world on fire but you can't tell me he'd do worse than that. We must have close to the worst outside backs in the league

Forward rotation on the bench is poor, Pene is yet to do anything impressive in his time at the club, he isn't even a big body. Addin Fonua-Blake and Lodge are a class above them and Lodge must be resigned, showed passion until the final whistle, get Royce Hunt or Hamlin-Uele to the club.

On a positive note we did show ability during the first half, there was some attacking quality, just stupid ass mistakes again were costing us.

As I said before outside backs are our weakness, we need signings there for next season.
We need to go back to playing WARRIORS style of footy. It’s what used to make us stand out. Gave us our mana. I don’t know what we need to get back to that. But right now there aren’t any leaders stepping up. I’ve never seen us give up that much. Hahaha anyway I’m gunna stop

Hope everyone has a good sleep
arohanui ❤️
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