Post Match [Round 7, 2022] - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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70 AAMI Park
25 Apr 2022 21:00
80th minute

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The first 40 was the best we’ve played in a long time minus the 3 tries they got from our 3 errors we were all over them. Plenty times they looked like scoring but our D was on. Second half… worst footy I’ve seen from any team ever. Kosi, Pompey, Arthers and Pene can run back to reserve grade. Kosi jogging back when Coates scored was terrible. Arthers runs a couple good lines off Johnson then everyone loves him. Invest in our young centres put them outside of Johnson and they’ll do a job.

Can’t be bagging our halves with 2 completed sets in the second half.

Was starting to like Brown but not sure after that. That second half was the weakest shit ever.
Sound of toilet being flushed.

Detergent being poured into toilet.

Toilet flushed again a couple of times....

Melbourne ruthless as hell.
Have we ever given up 70 before
What is our biggest hiding ever ?
Never given up 70.

Our worst hiding was by Penrith at Penrith 68-6 in 2013.

Gee, I'm so glad Johnson signed with us again. We look So. Much. Better with him in the team. I'm not particularly blaming him for tonight, but I'm yet to see what it is that he's adding to the team.


Other than the injuries and the for and against being battered, theres nothing to take forward out of that. I really didn't like seeing Otukolo playing right edge back rower where he clearly didn't know what he was doing, did Bunty get injured as well? He played on the edge a bit in his first season or two.

Can slag off players for not putting there bodies on the line and not providing effort but what's the point
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