Post Match [Round 23, 2021] Warriors Vs Broncos Postmatch

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24 Suncorp Stadium
22 Aug 2021 18:05
79th minute

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This year yet?
Jul 15, 2013
I thought the aitken try was fair enough, aitken had his torso and probably also his hand on the ball, the fact coates did as well doesnt matter, simultaneous grounding the advantage goes to the attacker.
I thought it was likely simultaneous, it was only the way the commentary reacted that put any controversy in the equation
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Sorry I've only just made it to have a look at the logo. I'm a Taranaki lad, so I honestly love the Warriors. Was a good game of footy for both teams I think.

Sorry we ruined another Warriors season though. Not sorry about the logo.

Hope you're all staying safe. Really sucks to see it back on the loose over there.

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