Game Information


Suncorp Stadium
22 Aug 2021 06:05PM

# Player Player #
1 F.Niu R.Walsh 1
2 C.Oates D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
3 S.Cobbo P.Hiku 3
4 H.Farnworth A.Pompey 4
5 X.Coates M.Montoya 5
6 A.Milford C.Harris-Tavita 6
7 A.Kelly A.Fonua-Blake 8
8 T.Flegler W.Egan 9
9 D.Levi J.Taunoa-Brown 10
10 P.Haas J.Curran 11
11 A.Glenn E.Aitken 12
12 J.Riki B.Sironen 13
13 K.Hetherington B.Afoa 15
14 D.Mead E.Katoa 16
15 R.Kennedy J.Tevaga 17
16 E.Bullemor J.Frei 20
17 T.Robati J.Murchie 21
21 J.Turpin C.Townsend 22

I just read something about Chad being good for tomorrow, with Sean O'Sullivan likely to drop out (unless Chanel Harris-Tavita is injured). What’s the story about Kodi?
Chad and Frei are the 18th and 19th players, Kodie drops out for Murchie, Tevaga is the bench hooker
I guess Kodi has a 'calf' injury.

I was looking forward to him waking up and trying to impress a team he would like to play for next year.

Pretty disappointed Townsend isn't playing. This will be a tough game for sure. Even Danny Levi looked good last week.
With kodi dropping out our defense improves
But what does this mean for his career
He isn't even wanted as a 14 off the bench
I do rate Sironen but tbh i dont know if he deserve's to walk straight back into a starting line up.

Still got a bit to prove for mine.
His value doesn’t really show up in the stats. But he covers a lot of ground on defence, makes a huge number of covering tackles. Good defender in space using his speed to cover the gaps. Offers some ball playing too. Not quite the same threat as Tevaga with the ball in hand but our defence has noticeably improved with Sironen there over Tevaga.