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Moreton Daily Stadium
15 Aug 2021 03:50PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh N.Meaney 1
3 P.Hiku W.Hopoate 3
4 A.Pompey A.Schoupp 4
5 M.Montoya F.Manu 5
6 C.Harris-Tavita B.Biondi-Odo 6
7 S.O'Sullivan J.Averillo 7
8 A.Fonua-Blake A.Seumanufagai 8
9 J.Tevaga J.Marshall-King 9
10 J.Frei R.James 10
11 J.Curran A.Elliott 11
12 E.Aitken M.Doorey 12
14 K.Nikorima J.Jackson 13
15 B.Afoa S.Katoa 14
16 J.Taunoa-Brown C.Patolo 15
17 E.Katoa C.Horsburgh 16
18 E.Kosi J.Stimson 17
20 J.Murchie K.Flanagan 19
22 W.Egan J.Okunbor 20

what is done is done, suspensions, fact of life, it has happened, flush it an move on. Here are my positives for the weekend.

Maybe not the spine everybody would want, but it has some continuity with it being the same for three consecutive games, and probably four weeks training together. Combinations will be better again.

Frei on debut and off contract will be determined to make an impression with the Warriors or anyone else.

Montoya against his old club will be motivated as Dogs fans do not rate him, at all. The least expected success story of the season.

Euan Aitken back in the form that had him in the Origin frame a few years ago, either Centre or 2nd Row.

The whole team seems to be settled and calm, hence able to withstand 20 minutes with 12 men and still win.
The loan rule applies to any club that needs players, not just based on injuries. They just need to be back to their original club before the finals. The team taking the loan players pays their salary, and the players themselves can be recalled earlier.

No rules are broken. Bulldogs are just smart. Its in their best interest to finish the season off on a high, despite not figuring in the finals. There will undoubtedly be other nrl clubs looking at loan players too. Its a good thing IMO. It gives players who are outside of their club's respective 17 match fitness. Both clubs benefit. Players benefit as well by showcasing their ability in the main arena infront of other possible suitors if they are offcontract etc.
It will be interesting to see if the NRL look at loan systems in the future as my understanding is at the moment its just while the competition is disrupted by covid. Either lower grades not being played or clubs based away from their usual base without access to sufficient reserves.

We benefited from it last year and there were a few posters suggesting that we keep them seeing as how well some of them went in the side. A lot of that was as you say the players taking the opportunity to show case themselves. It was probably a reason for the Storm being interested in George Jennings.
Making recent history on Sunday, you beauty!!!! No seriously I hope we fucken eat the dogs, don't really have much against them but the warriors need to make something of this season. At least keep my calculator on for one more week.🤞
Hopefully we smash them. Had enough of these close games, we have made a lot of our wins difficult.

Last year we got the Dragons 18-0, the Knights 36-6 which you would look at as comfortable wins. Most our wins this year have been close or when we have scored a lot of points so have the opposition. Raiders 34-31, Cowboys 24-20, Tigers 30-24.

Its been a while since we have had a win that hasn't really been a stressful weekend. Probably Titans round 1 and Dragons round 6. The Raiders comeback was fun but I'd prefer we get over an opposition like most other sides have done this year.

Playing against one of the weaker sides and we have had two wins hopefully come in with some confidence.
24 hour team list

Egan in at 9, Tevega to the 13, Sironen out.

Really don't like our 4, 5 (Pompey and Kosi), again surprised that Aitken is not in at 4 with Pompey on the wing. Murchie and Vailea are still on the extended bench with the Chad still out.
I like Kosi Think he's got something but he hasn't really had an opportunity yet with all the guns firing. He and Vailea are obviously the outside back candidates being groomed. Pompey has regressed imo but where do you play him, centre or wing.

Still think Berry is a fullback
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Happy Egan is back. There’s a bit of noise in the media about how our points differential could cost us, I really hope the boys don’t go silly and target this game to go mental and get a 50 point win, could well end up with egg on our face. If we win the next 4 we’re in.

Broncos are a potential banana peel game too, played well last night and if they play like that next week we’ll be pushed. Hoping for no injuries this week, Wade to have a good game and then Chad and Dallin Watene-Zelezniak back next week