Game Information


Moreton Daily Stadium
15 Aug 2021 03:50PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh N.Meaney 1
3 P.Hiku W.Hopoate 3
4 A.Pompey A.Schoupp 4
5 M.Montoya F.Manu 5
6 C.Harris-Tavita B.Biondi-Odo 6
7 S.O'Sullivan J.Averillo 7
8 A.Fonua-Blake A.Seumanufagai 8
9 J.Tevaga J.Marshall-King 9
10 J.Frei R.James 10
11 J.Curran A.Elliott 11
12 E.Aitken M.Doorey 12
14 K.Nikorima J.Jackson 13
15 B.Afoa S.Katoa 14
16 J.Taunoa-Brown C.Patolo 15
17 E.Katoa C.Horsburgh 16
18 E.Kosi J.Stimson 17
20 J.Murchie K.Flanagan 19
22 W.Egan J.Okunbor 20

The main injustices listed below. I would encourage people to spread this on social media; and make and post videos if anyone’s able. Shining light is the only way to give us a fair run at the finals this year!

1 - Innocuous tackle from Lodge which crept marginally high, but one which Chambers ducked into - there was no swinging arm, whiplash effect or anything that stopped Chambers from immediately getting up. Later, the Talakai shoulder charge in the last minute poleaxed Montoya. It was the only tackle in the game that caused serious distress. Nothing… Also nothing for Trindals high shot on Hiku. Which was comparable to Lodge. Past games - Taumalolo leads with the forearm to the face of Ben Murdoch-Masila & then follows through with an elbow to the jaw, no foul….nothing. Ben Murdoch-Masila misses the rest of the game with concussion. Luai stomps on Nikorima’s head last year… nothing.

2 - Talakai also did a shoulder charge in the first half and caused a dislodging of the ball when Dallin Watene-Zelezniak was taking a hit up. Nothing.

3 - The try to the Warriors where the ref and bunker claimed the Sharks player was tackled in the air. There is footage of Fusitua hit 10x harder in the air, earlier this year that was completely ignored despite the protestations of the Warriors players.

4 - Chanel Harris-Tavita called for a marginal late tackle only called back by the bunker after being seen and allowed to play on by the ref. There is footage of Chad Townsend getting hammered after the kick several games ago seriously injuring him… no penalty

5 - Dallin Watene-Zelezniak was put on report for knees in the tackle. Wasn’t even picked up at the time by the ref. There is footage in the later Storm game of a similar incident… nothing happened.

6 - Evans was back slammed in the tackle where he was rightly sent off. Evans did almost an identical back slam of another player and gets sent off… It was not a head slam - his arm was around the body not head. The tackles player didn’t even require a HIA, proving the send off decision was a joke.

7 - Chambers throwing the boot into the stands, video ref must have seen and chose not to intervene despite intervening constantly against the Warriors. Murchie did the same thing last season and got penalised for it.

8 - Lastly CNK sent off for slowing down play with 30 second to go. Not a 6 again. Not a penalty. Sent off. I don’t think any footage will be available of a similar incident for any other teams. This typified the officials mindset…

Lastly - getting sick of the Aussie commentators saying the Warriors are hard done by there… imagine if someone made a clip of those!
I saw another game in The Weeknd could be Manly Melbourne where a guy was tackled mid air and lost the ball and maybe the other team ended up scoring on the other end, anyway they played on
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was a good shot, would've like to see it in slow mo to see if it started high...I also thought Hughes was dropping into it.
Smash em bro.

Judging by Lodges 2 weeks that’s gone for the season!

But the judiciary is a funny thing. No doubt he will just get back to play the Warriors…
JWH also got binned for the same offense last weekend albeit much earlier in the game. Brandon Smith getting binned in the 2020 GF is very comparable
Yeah but those were after repeated infringements.
There was a sinbinning in possibly the storm game after ours last week where a player got binned after deliberately slowing the tackle down but the ref pointed out that there were 3 penalisable offenses before that, in a short space of time which led to the sinbinning.