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Round 21, 2022] - Rabbitohs vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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NZWF Official thread for the 2022 Round 21 Warriors team list and discussion...

The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...
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While Bayley Sironen, Aaron Pene and Jack Murchie are back, the Vodafone Warriors will be without the injured Chanel Harris-Tavita, Jesse Arthars and Jazz Tevaga for Saturday’s 21st-round NRL encounter with South Sydney at Sunshine Coast Stadium (3.00pm kick-off local time; 5.00pm NZT).
Sironen, Murchie and Pene all return in a new-look back row with interim head coach Stacey Jones moving regular second rower Euan Aitken into the centres for Adam Pompey and moving Josh Curran back to the interchange.

Pene is named to start for Tevaga, who’s out with a shoulder injury.
Hooker Wayde Egan will start at standoff where he was used for the last 52 minutes of Friday night’s clash against Melbourne after Harris-Tavita left the field with a knee injury.
Sironen returns from a broken eye socket while Murchie is back after staying in Australia last week to be with his partner for the birth of the couple’s daughter.

Match: Rabbitohs v Warriors​


Match Officials​

  • Referee: Ben Cummins
  • Touch Judge: Nick Morel
  • Senior Review Official: Kasey Badger

With Egan in #6, Freddy Lussick starts at hooker for the second time since his mid-season arrival. Providing back-up on the bench is Taniela Otukolo.
Jones had originally intended to use Aitken in his old role in the centres in the homecoming match against the Wests Tigers on July 3 but was moved back to the second row when Murchie was ruled out with injury.
With Arthars nursing a thigh strain, Marcelo Montoya stays in the centres while Edward Kosi, fresh from his hat-trick feat against Melbourne, remains on the left wing.
Egan at 6 is just stupid. He is finally looking good at hooker and we move him to 6 while Asi and Volkman wait for experience? Seems like a different experiment every week and it is getting old fast
I'd say the TMM signing is an indication we're not going to be offering Asi a new contract, and Volkman needs to spend more time in reserve grade building his skills up and getting conditioned for more first grade.

Egan was fantastic filling in at 6 last week and played there during his junior years. Makes sense.

Unless you want Latrell running at Asi/Volkman all night 🤷‍♂️

Understand wanting to get them more experience, but it's a pretty clear indication so far that Asi isn't going to be held onto, and Volkman is probably better off in reserve grade at the moment. Likely he'll get a run against the Bulldogs/Titans I'd say.
I thought Egan looked good at 6.
Good to see Aitken at centre and Pompey out.
Would like to see Asi there.

Souths by 12.

South’s by 40 that bench and second row looks weak for warriors
I thought Egan did too many hit ups from stand off instead of trying to be a play maker

If asi can’t get picked ahead of Egan at half then we are never signing him or playing him again

If volkman can’t get picked ahead of Egan at half then I don’t see volkman playing much in 2023 they must think he is a long way from being nrl ready.
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This would be a great opportunity for Volkman.
There is nothing to lose here.
I bet he is keen.
He has looked likely in the games he's had.
Egan and Johnson in the halves = zero running threat.
It's a terrible call.

Egan is our best hooker. So he looked solid/dependable against the Storm for 50 minutes without setting the world on fire.
And why have a hooker on the bench when Egan can jump in there.
I would have a back on the bench like Volkman or Vailea.
The season is done, time to sensibly experiment, Aitken out of the forwards to test our debth and combinations, chance to see who to keep and who to let go.
Maybe home games put the best team on the field, so as not to totally disenfranchise the home fans.
1. I still roll my eyes at Walsh playing, but it is what it is I guess.

3. I dont mind Montoya at centre, but he is now defending next to Dallin Watene-Zelezniak.. if shooting of out of the line was a crime, those two would be in jail for life..

4. I damn near shed a tear seeing Aitken named back centre and Pompey dropped lol

6. Probably the talking point of the week. I really like what I saw of Egan last weekend filling in for Chanel.
While no fault of Volkman himself, RV really just needs a little more time in reserve grade.

9. Will be good to see Lussick get some more starting minutes. I love his hustle.

12. I wish Murchie was playing like he is now at the start of the year so we didn’t sign Barnett tbh. He is really coming into his own and would be making a fair wack less than Barnett will be.

13. Why o’ why the fuck is Curran not starting at lock over Pene?? Curran was literally in Origin conversations earlier in the year playing at lock.
I hope Webster knows that Curran belongs at 13 when he comes in..
Bit of a weird one.

Lets not get carried away here, Egan did a capable fill in job at 6 but hardly enough to make me think he should get the gig above a promising player in a season that's already gone. Clearest sign Asi cant be in the reckoning next year but yeah, wouldve given Volkman another taste.

Aitken to centre is about 6 months too late, and our edge defence seemed to have been improving lately anyway.

A pretty toothless looking backrow tbh, dont mind Murchie so much he was starting to run good lines of S J before he sat out last weeks game, but Sironen and Pene?...just eww

Not your best one Stace.