Game Information


Mt Smart Stadium
29 Jul 2022 08:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh N.Meaney 1
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak D.Ieremia 2
3 M.Montoya M.Seve 3
4 A.Pompey J.Olam 4
5 E.Kosi G.Anderson 5
6 C.Harris-Tavita C.Munster 6
7 S.Johnson J.Hughes 7
8 A.Fonua-Blake J.Bromwich 8
9 W.Egan H.Grant 9
10 T.Harris N.Asofa-Solomona 10
11 E.Aitken F.Kaufusi 11
12 J.Curran K.Bromwich 12
13 J.Tevaga J.King 13
14 F.Lussick T.Wishart 14
15 B.Afoa T.Kamikamica 15
16 E.Katoa A.MacDonald 16
17 J.Frei C.Lewis 18
20 D.Asi T.Eisenhuth 21

This article is Bitter sweet šŸ¤£ Cool that he thinks we should get a couple points for the sacrifice the team made but are we that shit that he said this publicly?
Yes, yes we are rainbow boy. Doesn't sit well with me either if we win the comp with gifted points, but I suppose everyone knows there's no danger of that happening.
Why stop by gifting us points. Just book us in the Grand Final for the next 3 years.

He probably just said the competition points off the top of his head while being interviewed. That would be an odd reward for the last 3 years and I can't see that happening. As much as all 16 clubs think there is a conspiracy against their club (worse against ours though:finger:) the NRL try and push the competition is fare whenever cap dispenation is mooted. We can't have clubs spending more than others, even though they do due third pary agreements but lets not mention that.šŸ¤«

Less travel even if it is moving away games around New Zealand is more realistic. If a full season isn't possible it could be spread out over a few seasons.
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This article is Bitter sweet šŸ¤£ Cool that he thinks we should get a couple points for the sacrifice the team made but are we that shit that he said this publicly?
I hope somehow we flog those smug assholes tomorrow! Why not just hand out a premiership for our sacrifice!!! šŸ¤¬

Don't know about you guys but I'm quite liking the downfall of the storm. They have massive holes in thier game as well believe it or not.

If we were in any half decent form I'd say we would beat them. If somehow the crowd from the first game turned up maybe?
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How bout an azac game against the storm at Mt Smart? Those Fuckers never come here for that clash.

Would tie in with us having every game in nz next year....... like that's going to happen.
Can we start with just some basics please...fair share of 50/50 calls and when they occur, fair share of 6-agains, fair share of penalties and where/when they are awarded, fair share of video ref decisions, fair share of captain's challenges decisions.
No relationships between the team we are playing against and the match officials would be too much to ask for I suppose? šŸ„ŗ

Although, I suspect the NRL would rather give us the 6 points.
Or maybe the NRL can restore the Storm's "Premierships" but make them play under a seriously reduced Salary Cap for the next 2-3 seasons and make two their highest paid players' contracts invalid...Give the Storm a real, meaningful punishment for the Salary Cap crap rather than the "on paper" punishments they were given.

Or the NRL outlaws gang-tackling and makes it a sin-bin offense for Captains to challange the referee more than once per set...
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How about 4 points. That would make up for the -4 we started on in 2006.

I'm still holding a grudge.
Is it easier to hold with a porked cor in it or not?

Another idea: Everytime the Warriors force a restart, the team automatically gets 1 point as well as the ball back. Or the full 4 points as it's now an "Own Try". That should see us nail a good 16 points over the full season, which should make a pretty damn handy Sweet Eff All's difference at the end of the season. :)