Team List [Round 20, 2021] - Tigers vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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Wests Tigers

Suncorp Stadium
30 Jul 2021 08:00PM

# Player Player #
1 D.Laurie R.Walsh 1
2 D.Nofoaluma D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
3 M.Mbye A.Pompey 3
4 T.Talau E.Aitken 4
5 K.Maumalo M.Montoya 5
6 A.Doueihi P.Hiku 6
7 L.Brooks S.O'Sullivan 7
8 S.Utoikamanu J.Taunoa-Brown 8
9 J.Liddle T.Otukolo 9
11 S.Blore B.Murdoch-Masila 10
12 L.Leilua E.Katoa 11
13 J.Ofahengaue B.Sironen 12
14 A.Twal K.Nikorima 14
15 T.Amone B.Afoa 15
16 T.Simpkins K.Evans 16
17 M.Chee-Kam J.Tevaga 17
18 K.Tuilagi V.Vailea 18
20 Z.Cini P.Petterson-Robati 21


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 11, 2021
If the Warriors were to bail, I wouldn't past the NRL to basically say "You walk out that door, we just might not let you back in!"

The Warriors bail, that's at least one less game for the NRL to sell to it's lovely Broadcaster Overloads. The Broadcaster Overlords would fly to Sydney and barge into the NRL offices with hand extended and saying "You gimme 'bout tree fiddy!" very loudly.

Tree fiddy which the NRL can't really do without. So they have to give those 8 games a week, whatever the makeup of the teams involved.

I'm sure Autex and the Board are very aware of the severe tensions in this area...

Freaking hell I am surprised a Warriors C team with no morale actually generate money for YKW broadcasters. Sigh, I feel we are like the gladiators in the Russel Crowe movie, the ones that get slaughtered first
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1st Grade Fringe
Feb 19, 2017
Can we just use the covid bubble and bail now? I mean the captain is gone, how much more symbolism did you need? Get Jacinda to pressure NRL into some compassion 😂

But of course letting the reserve grade kids run riot would be fun, until they all get injured
I heard they made an exemption for the wallabies for the bledisloe test


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 26, 2016
The media would say otherwise, the way they go on about the Roosters injury toll…
It pisses me off. It is super impressive what they're doing with a beat up line up, but they had a bunch of stars on unders to start with. Not only have we been hit worse by injuries, this is our second year away from home. Literally no home games or real stability. No sympathy whatsoever from the talking heads, just pointing out the poor (very poor) performance as if there are no other factors. That's the fans job, talking heads should have a little more perspective and insight.


Warriors Bench Player
Jun 30, 2021
To be honest its harsh to blame Brown. We roll out a new spine pretty much every game due to injuries/ suspensions, its hard to get any consistency. I reckon we would of made the 8 easy if we didn't have all these Injuries throughout the season.
I don't blame Brown for our losses. Our roster is not as good as people think, in fact IMO one of the poorest! If the shining light and best offensive player is an 18 year old with no experience of NRL (just a couple of games) it tells you something! Our defense is poor so whoever handles the defensive efforts needs to take a hard look at themselves. Kodi could possibly be the laziest defender in the game...We have too many players that can leak points. Even our potential stars like Katoa and Walsh are easily targeted!!


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2016
oh please, save it.

So I guess Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Harris, DZW, Addin Fonua-Blake, Lodge, Jazz, and countless other rep players are all useless ?… please, give yourself an upper cut and don’t hold back.

Add Walsh (QLD), Aitken (previously fringe NSW), Ah-Mau (Kiwis) to that list too. Hell, you could even add Niko since he's played for the Kiwis a bunch, Fusitua for Tonga/NZ and Montoya for Fiji.

Names on paper don't win games but I agree it's not a lack of talent, it's a lack of ability to unlock that talent (along with the horror injury run).

When you look at teams in that 6-10 range on the table, we have just as much (if not significantly more) talent on our roster than them.

the borg

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 8, 2015
Just making the best of a bad situation.. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck gone at least 11 injuries etc.. Brownies got bugger all options left.. If anything our halves have cost us the season about 7 games ago. As Everhopefull pointed out Kodi defence is poor. Can see why our defence is compressed its all about covering the inside back frailties, problem is an overlap is there to take.. As for this game cant see us doing well, unless the Tigs beat themselves..


1st Grade Fringe
May 19, 2012
Madge and Ken 😊
Ken pops in to personally thank Brownie & CG for his release & dap up the boys

While Madge pops in to personally thank Brownie for the gift 2 points & to tell all the Kiwi lads in the Warriors that none of them will be making the Kiwis this year for the potential RLWC 🙃
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Warriors Bench Player
Jun 30, 2021
oh please, save it.

So I guess Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Harris, DZW, Addin Fonua-Blake, Lodge, Jazz, and countless other rep players are all useless ?… please, give yourself an upper cut and don’t hold back.
Lodge and DZW and Walsh (minimal nrl experience) have only really been included recently. Our forward pack is weak!!! Yes, Harris is great and Addin Fonua-Blake is good but most of the other teams have better forwards. Jazz has heart but he is too excitable and overplays his hand. Why do coaches always prefer him on the bench!! Next year we will have a better rotation of props with Pene but there are question marks about the rest of the forward pack and including hooker (except Harris). You may think they are a team of superstars but I differ on this. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will leave a big gap, although he has been used poorly this season. Johnson will fix our game management to an extent but he is also a weak defender.
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