Post Match [Round 20, 2021] Tigers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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Wests Tigers
16 Suncorp Stadium
30 Jul 2021 20:00
80th minute

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Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 2, 2013
Every team knows to get it wide against the Warriors. Defensive structures need to be improved.

Not a great game but a dogged win. To knock our guys after losses and wins is just cracked. These blokes are low on confidence and are having a dig despite that.

Mr Frank White

Warriors 1st Grader
May 19, 2012
Man oh man. Sean O'Sullivan.... I was backing him after his first game. Then the next two were horrific, and last night was not great. Lacking A LOT of skill but the kid has heart.

Funny though, he's our 3/4th choice half probably on min wage, compared to Luke Brooks on 700k, been a Tigers half for SEVEN years and hasn't played finals footy...
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1st Grade Fringe
Jul 11, 2021
Congratulations boys, a win without 9 regulars including cap, Vice cap, stand in cap, and 3 spine players

It felt better than a gold medal lol lol lol

PS Tigers were so shite we would have put 50 on them with our injury free team lol
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1st Grade Fringe
Jul 11, 2021
I think Walsh wanted the ball at dummy half with 7 minutes to go and someone shoved him out of the way and the commentators were laughing calling Kodi Captain Hawk, next second camera showed Kodi kneeling on the sideline puffing

Kodi just need to be banned from kicking, pass the ball backwards and subbed off before the 70th minute then we are good

Sean O'Sullivan seems to be buddies with Walsh maybe that’s why he showed no respect to him lol


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
This morning I watched the Second half on Mysky
We looked credible in the second half and only kodi looked like he was determined to lose at all costs. He has sabotaged us on other occasions this year
Just don’t let him on the field in the last 20 minutes

other comments
Otukulo looked marginally better at defence this week. So he must be working hard at his game at practice. That speaks well of him

Kodi up until trying to throw the game away looked very very good at hooker. He is a much better hooker than half by a mile.

reece Walsh seems to have game hardened a bit and Is starting to wear the niggly head locks and intimidation much better. That will stand him in good stead and may start to reduce the amount of old school beat ups on him by the opposition tough guys
Next point, as makeshift as our spine was it was much better than tigers
I like Luke brooks but he had to carry their spine allowing us to key on him and manhandle and rag doll a few times their young hooker to the point he became a liability. Eg where was their hooker on the now infamous tigers missing dummy half play with three minutes left and the warriors defensive line shot to pieces

brown has lost us plenty of games this season through some poor selection decisions ( eg picking kosi more than once ) but last night was Browns victory. Very good team selected given his meagre options. And the decision to hook Kodi was key. Kodi stays on the field and we lose for sure ( my view only )

lastly if Leeson Ah-Mau going home means Kane Evans finally gets regularly picked then we are better off for leeson returning to New Zealand


This year yet?
Jul 15, 2013
The mornings in winter can be cold but the days warm up. It’s shorts and t-shirt here this week but last week was under 20C highs so the jeans abc hoodies come out.
Summer is fun, anything over 32 with humidity is hot, but the fun starts when it’s 40+ days and nights get to mid-20’s. Although the Warriors should do 10-14 days in Queensland in the pre-season to adjust because I know coming from NZ to Australia takes A LOT out of the body when you’re not used to it for months on end, and probably a good reason why there are early season fades
Pre season games in Feb/March are torture. Was weird having to put sunscreen on before a game and still getting burnt playing rugby


U20's Player
Jun 17, 2021
Absolutely Evans & Bunty owned it.
The Bench came on the field & dominated the Middles. Afoa & Evans terrorised Stefano and Company. The Bench were able to pug the holes and with some Ball able to points on the Board.In seconds half they the Team Continue to apply pressure with Kodi running out of Dumbie half and adding some spark to the team.The Westigers to implode with mistakes after mistakes ..
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1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2019
Had coped a lot of shit this week from my brother in law who is a huge tigers fan, man that win was sweet. Not a pretty game at all but somehow one of the greatest wins of all time, (not including the last time tigers played in finals) 🤔 I'd expect that from sky sports😂


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
Glad were atleast evolving as a club and got rid of Maumololo. Love the bloke but glad he's playing for Tigers. That club is dumb as fuck
At one point in the second half maumalo got the ball with some decent room to wind up and operate and it was well in the red zone.
An ATG winger like kirwan in days of yore in union or campo or from league units like Eric groethe or meninga or Inglis would have scored a highlight reel try every time. And today’s elite backs like sivo would have come close.
Ken’s effort resulted in him making 5 metres, not attempting to put any type of step or attempt to juke the two scrambling defenders who were worried about him scoring. Instead he meekly ran into the tackler and in cricket we would say “he didn’t trouble the scorer”
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1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
Watched really closely trying to workout why we have been struggling (as effort has been pretty solid a year). We suck at the wrestle! We almost always get put on our back yet on defence we always seem to be on the legs and being left behind

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