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60 Sunshine Coast Stadium
24 Jul 2021 17:00
80th minute

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Mate, did you watch kodi? Im not his biggest supporter but he was terrible defensivly. You cant just look at stats and go one way or another, of those 23 tackles how many were effective? How many times did the defense stroll through his line while he nether made a tackle or missed a tackle, just stood there and watched. Hes been poor for some time now, looks like he dont want to be there and just wants the check.

On a side note i thought curran was great, 3 or 4 times i seen him absolutely chop the ball carrier in half. One was on cam Murray and you could tell he felt it when he got up slowly.
I admit I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing on defence today, and as you pointed out that he missed 5 tackles, it seems like he didn't do great in that department. So my comment was based entirely on attack. I thought he passed well, looked good picking up the ball and engaging the markers from dummy half, and seemed confident in what he was doing - nothing to set the world on fire, just a solid performance from a rookie and I feel like he's going to keep improving over the back end of the season if he keeps getting game time.
He is defence is so weak he is not nrl ready at the moment as he is so young
Give him a full pre season practicing tackling and he will be ok next year he specially with 8 more months just to get older and fill out physically

however there was pre game noise they were going to assess him tonight and he was not compelling
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When you can’t put a consistant team on the field due to all our unbelievable injuries it’s so tough .Oh well they will always be my team regardless of the result .PS LM is such a grub and gets away with so much crap .
Storm and roosters seem to manage alright. It’s no excuse. We need better depth and better prepared players if they’re going to come in. Yes we’ve had injuries, to key players too. But as I’ve said, roosters have had worse & still fighting for the Comp. our club is still so far off a top 8 club. I’m optimistic for sure, as I don’t really have any choice being a diehard fan. But this is tough to watch.

Gordon Bennett

I had thought there was something in the air or maybe the water at Mt Smart that was poisioning The Warriors business unit and that maybe being away from the place in Oz things would improve.This lot are truly baffling 🤕
The only highlight for me that game was Shane Flanagan's commentary.
I've quite liked him on commentary. At the start where he was saying Lodge should forget the ball playing and should just think hit up first I was thinking that exactly what we need. Wish he our coach is thinking the same and he'd be good to have in the setup.

Just got home from being out all day… did I miss anything?
Haha glad I left to go out for dinner at half time. My wife always wants to be early, was thinking all week how much of the game and I going to get it before she drags me off. Wasn't so stressed once the half time score was already a shambles.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
im really looking back at SK now and thinking, fuck how could he be responsible for this shit. becaause he was our worst ever coach right? it has to be his fault that were left with a coach with 2 wooden spoons and no idea.

i guess its not to late, my prediction of the warriors first ever wooden spoon could yet come true. then NB would have 3. lets all hear the excuase train one more time. about how he needs more time, how they are away from home, injuries, etc, etc.
I don't give a flying fuck who they sign, if these dumb fucken cu**s can't tackle then they have no hope. I don't fucken care what trends the game is taking.... if you can't tackle your shit. Maybe Evans was calling his team mates out last week and we should applaud him! The only cu**s that are folding are his team mates!!!!
The close losses this year have been frustrating as they lead to a lot of what if scenarios of where we could of been. Or show there is some hope. Up until now this would of been one of the few seasons we haven't had a big thrashing. We usually get a few of those a season.

The injury toll this season has been frustrating as they haven't been able to put the same team out week to week. That excuse I'd accept for the season.

They do have the same issues of most Warriors sides. A lot of the times its not the same issues each week.

Last week even being down to 13 players they show resolve and the middle held. The Panthers scored mainly on the edges instead of ripping through a tired middle. This week Souths were scoring through the middle. Ripped through us like an under 17s side.
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The first try was good to see us having speed to take advantage of an oppositions mistake and run away and score.

The try before halftime where Dallin Watene-Zelezniak through the ball back inside was good as well. Speed on the edges pus some ball movements.

I found a few positives.
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Tough to watch. A few highlights with some nice tries. But the defence was pedestrian.

All credit to South's they'll beat most teams and look real candidates for the play-offs.
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Otokolo did nothing special. Seemed solid on defence. Only dummy run I saw him try was on Tackle one against a set defensive line, that’s just dumb for mine, but he’ll learn if he has a good specialist coach. He may well have potential and service from sunny half seemed ok but for mine hes a work in progress, give him the time he needs with Redcliffe getting up to first grade standard.
bruh what, the fact that he’s playing first grade at 19 is special.
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