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60 Sunshine Coast Stadium
24 Jul 2021 17:00
80th minute

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Burncity warrior

1st Grade Fringe
May 11, 2021
Crap, shit, not good enough..all of the above. But I'll give my 2 cents anyway.

Games like this highlight how some teams just haven't adapted to the new rules and some have. That's coaching. No two ways about it. South's ruck speed just killed us and we couldn't keep up.

Reece killed us today but we need to lay off the kid, he was thrust into this role as our saviour far before he was ready and now the chickens are coming home to roost..again, poor coaching. Brown should have stuck to his guns. Reece will take these hard learnings of this year and will be all the better for it next year. He's still the guy we build our team around.


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2020
When nathan brown selects his team every week the first 2 names he writes is

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Tohu Harris

This loss right here is proof of what they vring to the table. If they played tonight yes we probably would have lost anyway, but they have steel in them and they keep competing to the end, and try their best to drag the rest of the team with them.

Was very noticeable that there was little to no leadership out there in a white jersey tonight, i hope Addin Fonua-Blake can step up in that department over the course of the season and next year because going off body language alone tonight he cut a real dejected figure and its not something you want in a captain.


1st Grade Fringe
Aug 14, 2012
No, they were fullback goal line tackles. He puts his body on the line which is all you really need from a half in the line, it allows others to help finish off. He is not big enough to handle the work rate, or heavy contact that fullbacks get. Small fullbacks are a thing of the past, the most successful are all sizable now. He is a half through and through.

He has no idea at all how to tackle - he doesn't put his body on the line, he jumps off the ground and tries to wrap his arms around the oppositions head.


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
Latrell is the biggest grub in the nrl
Everyone knows it
Regarding the game Reece Walsh had a shocker with the boot at least it happened thud year and not in a game that mattered

it was not a bad warriors performance at all
We scored 22 points and were not skunked
Secondly south’s played red hot
It was a blow out in a game that didn’t matter
This game was not must win at all. This game did not matter as our season sailed by two or three weeks ago.

chin up we have a good team and good cattle

I don’t really think we deserved to have lost 7 in a row


1st Grade Fringe
May 1, 2012
He has no idea at all how to tackle - he doesn't put his body on the line, he jumps off the ground and tries to wrap his arms around the oppositions head
I have seen him tackle. The ones you are about talking about are when he is isolated on the goaline and has a forward steam rolling. He needs to go high and tries to launch himself. Sure it isnt effective but don't know whar would be. If your defensive structure has a pint sized fullback trying to stop a rampaging forward on the goalline... Good luck with that.

I agree he isnt a good defender. Just clearly think his game is suited to 5/8. His weakness is heavy contact, that is far easier to protect at 5/8 than fb The small fullbacks in the modern game end up transferring there anyway.


This year yet?
Jul 15, 2013
Just as well the Warriors are based in Australia, eh?

The media won't go soft on them and the fan will give them shit when they play shit.

That means we'll never have to watch crap performances ever again! That 60-22 just bloody proves, as AusWarriorsFan has been advocating - and as much as it hurts me, he's right - for ages, that the Warriors must be based in Australia full time.

🏳️ on the "the Warriors will be much better based in Australia fulltime" argument raised by me....
Along with the massive crowds they’ll get from his mates on the CC? Wonder if Lino is still better than Shaun Johnson?


1st Grade Fringe
Aug 28, 2016
The team is battered from injuries, the bench was gone for a second week in a row so the result is not really of much surprise. Hopefully we can stop the drought and pick up a few wins in our final 7 games. If we get a full pre-season together and a bonus of some home games then there will be no excuses not to make the top 8 with our 2022 squad. Surely we won't sustain as many injuries next season.
Have to correct myself. We have 6 more games. We won't be playing week one of the finals ;).


1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
Cook owned us today, had a huge influence on the result. Hope we can get a decent hooker for next year. Egan has been picking up too many injuries and Otukolo still needs time to learn.
Good points
Just to add my thoughts on hooker
1) otukulo had wonderful service and did one good run
Importantly he always took the right option with who to fire the pill too
Thought his defence was below par but I expected that as he is young

2) jazz was very good at hooker and had his best outing there
His service was decent and useful
I think he should become a hooker full time
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the borg

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 8, 2015
Not too surprised about this result.. the signs have been all there that our defensive coach needs the boot .. standing back and waiting is crap .. the warriors are the only NRL team that does it, been doin it for years. Sure we've had our fair share of bad luck but basics like that should be drilled into the whole squad, no matter who steps in.. .. Halves are shit, Reece should not have to try and play in 3 positions at once.. Even the the kid picked up quickly that Kodi and co are crap..


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 2, 2016
Pre Covid I could at least use the excuse well they do a lot of flying and it probably affects them but it could be being away from Nz and not getting wholesome Kiwi tucker like Pineapple lumps might be causing the bad performances. I heard poor Kodi has to resort to eating a whole lot of Australian junk food now that cant help.

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