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60 Sunshine Coast Stadium
24 Jul 2021 17:00
80th minute

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1st Grade Fringe
Mar 28, 2015
Rabbits had 68% possession.

We had 34% and still managed to score 22pts.

We had to make nearly 200 more tackles than South’s.

We lost 3 more players today due to injury/HIA. On top of how depleted we already were after last week.


Our defence was horrible. As Flanno said during commentary, waiting for south’s to come up to us - they were playing at blistering speed and took us out the game early on the back of it.

Another patch in the game were we leaked too many points which took us out the game.

This time south’s got on with it in the 2nd half too.

Those kicking errors by Walsh in the 1st half fucked us - in saying that, it speaks volumes Walsh took on a heavy kicking role as opposed to our “premier” half Kodi

This season is cursed. So many injuries, literally throwing out different combos every week - how are we supposed to be consistent when we are consistently fielding a different line up week to week?

South’s are a top 4 side too - with everything else that puts today in perspective.

Does not mean it wasn’t a disappointing effort, especially after last week - seems that took too much out of the team especially with the injury toll we have.

Regardless - I’m always gonna support this team no matter what.

Warriors all fucken day fam 🙌🏽
Nice bit of perspective there Afakasi. Nailed it imo


1st Grade Fringe
May 1, 2012
Does the way they targeted Walsh in defence end the argument of him playing at 6?
No, they were fullback goal line tackles. He puts his body on the line which is all you really need from a half in the line, it allows others to help finish off. He is not big enough to handle the work rate, or heavy contact that fullbacks get. Small fullbacks are a thing of the past, the most successful are all sizable now. He is a half through and through.


1st Grade Fringe
May 15, 2014
Really worried about Walsh as fullback next year. He hasn't made a successfully tackle all year.
What about that time he jumped onto a guy to cover the ball but was pushed off and the guy scored?

Oh wait said hasn't made a successful you were.

The Falcon

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 20, 2017
Well I loved Dallin Watene-Zelezniak speed today … a couple of extra defensive sessions this week won’t go astray!
We are a banged up and busted team looooooow on self belief at the moment and today showed that in spades.
The one big take out for me, South’s second rowers each ran for approx 180m !! .. second rowers!! ….
The frustrating thing for me I don’t look at this team like previous years and said ‘this is a horrible team’ .. it’s got some really good players… anyways if we can win our remaining games we could be an outside chance for the finals but points differential might come back yo haunt us ..😳😂


Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 14, 2012
Just as well the Warriors are based in Australia, eh?

The media won't go soft on them and the fan will give them shit when they play shit.

That means we'll never have to watch crap performances ever again! That 60-22 just bloody proves, as AusWarriorsFan has been advocating - and as much as it hurts me, he's right - for ages, that the Warriors must be based in Australia full time.

🏳️ on the "the Warriors will be much better based in Australia fulltime" argument raised by me....

Burncity warrior

1st Grade Fringe
May 11, 2021
Top 3 V Bottom 3
And it showed
It was pretty much as expected I thought. We have a heap of our first team injured. We have no halves. Walsh has been worked out by opposition coaches. Our new recruits need to get their heads around the Warriors
So I gave them an E. They were terrible but with good reason
I am looking forward to next season. Hopefully from here on we can look at building some combinations and perhaps some football skills
You expected them to get pumped by 60? Wow, I thought they could win if they showed some ticker like last week. Unlikely yes but with real effort I thought we could have given them a game.

To sort of be accepting of a 60 point thrashing is a bit... 🤷
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Mr Dragon

1st Grade Fringe
Jul 25, 2015
Did we win 🤣 Lucky i had to take the old man to get his covid shot, the old bugger took it like a champ and said what was the fuss about 😎 So we scored the first try, that was good 🤣
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U20's Player
Feb 7, 2018
To allow Tom Burgess to score twice next to the post in the first half points to the real issue about the game preparation. When Cook picked the weakness or planned for that situation to unfold, then the result was enviable .
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Jaffa J

1st Grade Fringe
Feb 22, 2020
Not surprised we lost this game we lost last week but was glossed over

Club is in shambles right now Shaun Johnson won't come and fix this nor should we expect that from him because hopefully we've learnt from last time

Walsh was always gonna struggle but y'all wanted him to get the gametime at FB instead of playing our best lineup the youngsters will struggle next season

Too many excuses made for this team and for Brown this season rebuilding for next year is a poor excuse to justify Brown failing with this team


Heritage Member
Apr 23, 2012
Read my signature and let me know if you disagree


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 9, 2016
That was a team that played their heart out last by week, lost admirably and then just turned up today already beaten. The Tigers, Broncos, Bulldogs and Titans can all beat that team that failed to turn up tonight.

Did we actually play our hearts out or did Addin Fonua-Blake and Lodge just play the game of thier lifes and save us some serious back to back embarrassment.

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