Post Match [Round 18, 2022] -Eels vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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28 CommBank Stadium
15 Jul 2022 21:55
80th minute

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Attack needs a lot of work that’s for sure. It’s tough watching them play and trying to grind out a try as opposed to create one. Second phase play pretty much non existent
Hopefully the bigger bodies next year will help remedy this.
Webster will sort this out, Robbo's targetted a coach who'll get us scoring points, we'll see different shapes next year. He'll know what defence looks like too, at the moment it's not too bad when we're not making 100 more tackles than the opposition because we can't score and retain possession. *I hope.
Does Stacey have the balls to drop Walsh?? Prolly not and that is part of the warriors problem. A player won’t get dropped if the media thinks they are a super star. He’s actually not that good, he may end up being but I can also see him struggling to fit in with a team of stars.

he will kill it at the Broncos next year as the coach will use him in the right way. Morgan and Stacey arnt upto it as coaches I’m afraid, maybe Stacey as an assistant under Webster might help tho.
WTF? 🤔

He milked it for everything it was worth. If it wasn’t for us he’d still be playing in the Qld cup.
And maybe it would have been better for his long term development…

I feel he’s overconfident, overplaying his hand and taking shortcuts rather than the harder route that makes you better long term.

We should have seen the bigger picture (like the Broncos did) rather than pander to an impulsive teenager wanting to be a big star fast. Irrelevant now though as it’s all played out the way it has and it’s now history.


Tohu Harris made great metres at prop and is better suited there going forward. His days of distributing and playmaking are over some years ago.

Curran had hands of clay on that sweep move to him. Hit his chest. "the pass was too hard".
Tohu Harris is coming off an ACL injury, some backs take 18 months injury free to get back to their best let alone a backrower. He also hasn't lost his touch with his ball playing, the deft dip and under the hands pass is not something a lot of forwards can do on the end of a full pace backline sweep.

The pass to Curran was a bullet, no backrower is catching that. It was passed hard enough to hit two wide.
The respect that Curran developed for Nathan Brown was well documented. Since Brown has left Curran has continued his high defensive output but has ran for 69m, 48m, 63m then 78m last night. Round 3 is the last time he topped 100m.
If I could get in his ear I'd say bring back the headgear & realise that the refs don't give a toss about a 31-game players opinion so don't waste your energy whinging at them
I think from reading articles the 1 positive brown done was to bring out currans potential. It's well documented he was challenged by brown to perform.
Shaun Johnson looks confused, the attack game plan doesnt suit him...

How many coaches has Shaun Johnson had now? I'm thinking he's uncoachable. The minute the coach tries to put in any structure he moans that it's not his style. Stace has apparently let him be in charge and play ad-lib, eyes-up footy and what does he do with that? Constantly throwing intercepts and kicking out on the full.
I think from reading articles the 1 positive brown done was to bring out currans potential. It's well documented he was challenged by brown to perform.
Kudos to any coach that does tthat with individual players with potential or otherwise - give them a reality check. I think thats why Brown is now working in development, not coaching.
Who do you think Curran has been and is still actually learning his edge role off at the Warriors?
I never in a million years though I would miss Blocker & Brandy with their one eyed drivel but here we are. No alternative commentary on sky go either! Had to turn the sound off - so terrible!
Looking forward to Fonzies breakdown, especially if he got to the game like he said - that's a whole other perspective in itself to add to the analysis.