Pick Your Team Round 16 teams! Who's in who's out?

Wouldn't have given us a great shot at this one, but I watched the Knights/Cowboys game and it was pretty dire. Squad above looks pretty solid.
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1 Turner
2 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
3 Perham
4 Hiku
5 Jennings
6 Nikorima
7 Harris-Tavita
8 Brown
9 Egan
10 Murchie
11 Katoa
12 Harris
13 Tevaga

14 Lawton
15 Blair
16 Alvaro
17 Papalii
I reckon Murchies an edge not a middle that’s where he carved last week, PT after 1 decent game doesn’t dislodge the teams best player yet so Roger Tuivasa-Sheck stays 1 and Pompey on wing would love to see Hoppa Jnr Jnr tho, is he still at the club? could potentially dislodge Lawton/Egan off bench and for me rather Burr over Papalii.