Game Information


Wests Tigers
Mt Smart Stadium
03 Jul 2022 04:00PM

# Player Player #
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak D.Laurie 1
3 J.Arthars D.Nofoaluma 2
4 E.Aitken S.To'a 3
5 M.Montoya J.Roberts 4
6 R.Volkman K.Maumalo 5
7 S.Johnson L.Brooks 6
8 A.Fonua-Blake J.Hastings 7
9 W.Egan F.Brown 9
10 J.Tevaga Z.Musgrove 10
12 T.Harris L.Garner 11
13 J.Curran K.Tuilagi 12
14 C.Harris-Tavita J.Ofahengaue 13
15 B.Afoa S.Utoikamanu 14
16 E.Katoa A.Doueihi 15
17 B.Sironen A.Seyfarth 16
18 A.Pompey F.Pole 17
20 A.Pene A.Dias 20
22 F.Lussick J.Liddle 21

Terrible, terrible argument.
If Addin Fonua-Blake was so good as a Prop, Manly would have kept him.
If Tohu Harris was so good as a Lock, Storm would have kept him.
etc etc etc

Money, Juniors, Career aspirations, personality traits/clashes.
SO many more factors go into why players move clubs.
Yeah agreed.

But they didnt exactly have replacements on hand to fill the spot he left. Clubs tend to hold on to ther best players and Dragons this year have used Mbye, Suli both not playing much flasher.

Manly did want to keep Addin Fonua-Blake and Storm also wanted to keep Tohu Harris.

Same cant be said for Aitken. He couldnt hold a starting spot before suli and mbye arrived.
Still not seen a single photo of Addin Fonua-Blake with the team at Mt Smart…..

Could he be the injury that Morgan was hinting at…. And why there are reports of Aitken going back into the forwards.
Had a few questions but then realized he played in Auckland last weekend lol. Will ask them anyway. Was he 1 of the players against getting vaccinated? I believe so if my memory is correct.
More importantly do you still need proof of vaccination to enter the country?


I don't care how they do it and by how many points, but this is a non-negotiable win.

This team simply cannot lose it's 8th in a row, against a basket case Tigers team, and infront of a sold out crowd for the first time in three years.

Please get them pumped up for this one Stacey, I am literally begging you.
If they can't win this weekend then they shouldn't be in the NRL league
Fuck sakesss, We can’t catch a break! Hopefully it’s just him that will be out.

I have been seeing on social media all the events they have been doing this week and I was a bit weary that something like this could happen, sucks that it had to be him..

I’m sure Chanel will get the job done at 1, presuming he’s the guy that fills in there.
Typical the Warriors were stuck in Australia due to covid and the impact of it on the competition. Besides relocating overall the impact of players being pulled out due to covid has been minimal.

We finally come home and our exciting youngster has to pull out due to covid. This club can't catch a break sometimes.

Is he allowed to travel back to Australia while he has covid? If he can't get some of the club to take him around to show him Auckland. Some potential suburbs to move to for next year.

I know he's been here all week but most of that would be media events for this weeks game.
Just saw a rumour Addin Fonua-Blake has covid too, probably how it got into the camp. Wonder if they’re waiting to see how he pulls up since it was probably in him since last weekend perhaps after the test and if testing negative might be hopeful he can play a role. Saw the passing around the kava bowl on the news and didn’t think it was a good idea at the time.