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Wests Tigers
22 Mt Smart Stadium
03 Jul 2022 16:00
80th minute

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Rugby league always has been the game of the working class. I am ok with Shoe Guy. The fact he did it twice and was waiting with his Shoe in the hand for the second opportunity is comedy gold as far as I am concerned.
Far bigger stains on the Warriors brand were those racist Australian Kids wearing Warriors Hoodies who attacked Brent Naden and followed him up and down the touch line to taunt him rather than even following the game.
A bigger stain was some of our recent front office fiascos and the explanations given for them something something about alpha males having a conversation.
Shoe guy was part of the day. It was the highlight of his life.
But what matters in life, in my book it is loyalty. The shoe guy turned up to support the Warriors hard out. He is a hard core supporter and I think that the commentator female Honey recognised him and said he is from a famous Rugby league supporter family.
He had the time of his life, and probably also made himself unemployable if his boss recognised him.
I don’t really have a problem with the shoey.

But the second time they went to the coaches box, the camera was actually panned down waiting on the shoey guy. Like it was planned. Stacey was in the background looking pissed off at him 🤣

My main issue with the shoey and the 5 pitch invaders is some people in the crowd wants it to be about them. Next game there will be queues of pitch invaders trying to get in front of the coaches box instead to act stupid and get their 5 minutes of fame, if the cameras will show them. You just wait and see… 🤣
Said it after round one when he started there 😂 it really does look like it's his best position - he's not super flashy out the back, but he backs up every play - he's class and I think we'll miss him more than people reckon.
Any chance he would reconsider retiring (or break as he says) from rugby league? Especially having recently played for Samoa and now experiencing playing back at home.
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The security team need to get some smaller quicker guys, they could only catch the invaders once the ran out of puff and were surrounded, too much weights not enough speed work in our boys. I would be looking at a conditioning person from sevens, get to them quick and carry them off one each side by their undies, see how many other blokes want to try it after that. Also none of them were actually unclothed in any way, whats the world coming too when streakers streak with all their clothes on?
I saw the Broncs fans note that Gavin Badger is in the Tigers coaching staff and Kasey his wife was in the Bunker last night and holy shit its true.

Peps were annoyed with her as a touch judge in a Tigers game which ain't as bad as the bunker.

The one thing in her favour is the bunker has been shit all year so those 2 50/50 calls don't seen out of step for them.

Seems pretty dumb though to have such a clear conflict of interest in the officiating.

Good thing the Tigers sucked as if it was closer that could be a real stink.
that's crazy... an organisation with any check or balance system would never schedule someone with such a clear perceived conflict of interest ... wtf
Not a good look for Red Badge when there were multiple pitch invaders at the Kiwis game and even more last night. I imagine their senior team will be getting a please explain from the stadium management.

It's odd that they have no staff positioned on the field side of the barriers. Eden Park has speedy security in footy boots in the corners of the ground for this exact reason, whereas most of the crew at Mt Smart would get gassed by anyone going faster than walking pace.

As a security-related aside, I also saw one of them telling one of the long time members with the massive black and grey checked flag that he couldn't wave it. Get a grip, the big flags are an institution.
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Interesting listening to Abdo being interviewed. Sounds like NRL will support the team with

-Indiginous game
- preseason matches

Avoided answering about extra nrl games in NZ.
There s an article in Newcorp today about 2023 and Nz. Abdo is meeting with NZRL, MRL, ARL.
There is some soccer world cup womens maybe next year which will tie up a few league stadiums in Sydney for a few weeks. Summary was 7 or 8 extra nrl games in N z next year on top of the warriors home game sand Chch and Dunners mentioned.
There s an article in Newcorp today about 2023 and Nz. Abdo is meeting with NZRL, MRL, ARL.
There is some soccer world cup womens maybe next year which will tie up a few league stadiums in Sydney for a few weeks. Summary was 7 or 8 extra nrl games in N z next year on top of the warriors home game sand Chch and Dunners mentioned.
That’s poor. NZ only getting games because the Australian venues can’t host them. Typically Aussie arrogance


Just another day in paradise
Just on the pitch invaders - Did anyone else notice a bit of a shift in the demographic attending the game? I've never seen a game with so many 17 - 30 year hipster boys /men.
All the pitch invaders seemed to fit in that demographic (2 were even live streaming their invasion)

Thats what happens when you are locked up for 2 years thanks to covid, and no access to real sports.
I was at the game yesterday and here are my thoughts.

I was at the game with my Dad. He used to take me to football in Scotland when I was a boy so to experience the atmosphere and the Warriors winning so well was truely magical and memorable.

I watched a replay of the game late last night and it didn't capture the magic of the day adequately.

Chanel Harris-Tavita was magnificent at FB and I, like others, would be happy to keep him there and put Walsh into the halves. Alternatively put Chanel Harris-Tavita back into stand-off and drop Volkman. Stacey sees Volkman as a special project and given our season so far he is possibly preferring to play him rather than Chanel Harris-Tavita who is leaving. However, Chanel Harris-Tavita is clearly a better option if we want to win games this year.

On Volkman there was a lot of heat on him at the ground with his errors late in the game. I think he may have fallen in love with the off-load as I noticed in the replay that he managed to get two away early in the game. He looked dangerous when he ran early in the game and this is where he needs to up his work rate and perhaps put the off-loads away. Being so fresh Shaun called almost all of the ball and this worked out well with Shaun's kicking game being top class yesterday. Shaun will not always be so good so I hope Volkman, if he does continue to be preferred in the halves, gets a decent enough share of the ball.

Our forward pack did well despite Addin Fonua-Blake being less than 100%, Jazz going off early and generally lacking a bit of size. As others have mentioned Tohu Harris, Egan, Jazz and Bunty were excellent, Curran and Aiken were defensively everywhere and Addin Fonua-Blake certainly proved a handful when he came on.

Our back five did a good job bringing the ball back and may have been the difference, along with Magic's kicking game.

I also watched the Future Warriors. It really showed how much we have missed the regular settled games at home for the youngster. I hope as we rejoin the Oz youth comps that we can ascend once again to be a powerhouse.
I was at the game yesterday as well. My first warriors home game there since I left Auckland at the end of 2016 and gave up my membership.

Some general thoughts:
Lines for the food & drinks were crazy - took a lot longer to get served than at Eden Park the night before.
Security - 5 pitch invaders... 3 of them ran way too far. Red badge need to up their game.
Atmosphere was amazing, but I think some people got a little carried away by the drinking (don't get me wrong, I am not anti-alcohol at the least, but one guy nearish to us took off his shirt and skulled 5 cans in short order... not the behaviour we really want to be idolising). hopefully some of this was just first game back...

Game thoughts:
Warriors played well, but were lacking fluency on attack. With that much ball and territory, we should have scored a lot more points. Tigers were pretty bad tbh.

Ref was holding a pretty decent 10 for most of the game, more like 12ish metres on average, but he was consistent.

Chanel Harris-Tavita was good at fullback but was standing very deep (at times 40 metres behind the d line). In comparison, the tigers fullback was 20-25m behind the line. I was genuinely surprised the tigers didn't look to attack that space.

Aitken & Curran were epic defensively. They both got through a mountain of work, covered their halves and shut shit down. Volkman and Johnson also made a lot of tackles. Johnson's tackling has been criticised in the past (including by me), and yes he wasn't tackling with his shoulders - but he was doing a pretty good job of tackling yesterday. Maumalo seemed to be targetting Shaun Johnson in the line...

Volkman has been well drilled. Plays the ball super quick.

Forwards did their job.

Good return home.