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6 Moreton Daily Stadium
18 Jun 2022 19:30
80th minute

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I just watched the replay.
I didn't see the game live, not by choice but by circumstances.
As a diehard fan, we watch every game live, always have.

Anyway I am going to be positive mostly.

We showed a bit more enterprise on attack at times BUT did fall back into the one up football and trying to get to a position for a preset move too many times.
There was intent to off load sometimes.
But we just looked a bit better than previous weeks.

We competed well in the forwards and had better line speed.
We weren't outflanked on wide D as badly.

Some bad reads and a couple of soft tackles gave Penrith some easy tries

Walsh was epic.
The guy commits himself, he broke the line a couple of times, popped the ball to Curran for the try.
That try came from Chanel Harris-Tavita at dummy half through the hands of Johnson and Volkman. Good signs.

Montoya ran hard as usual and the late footwork at the line helps.
When he was at the Bulldogs he was more fancy and I would love to see him in space.

Arthurs is a handy, middle of the road NRL centre, not elite but dangerous enough to worry opposition defences.

Johnson is getting some shit on this forum but he was tackled at least four times in this game when he chose to engage the line rather than throw a shit pass or the cut back man wasn't there. He made better defensive reads too and I felt he was not gun shy like previously.

Volkman looks like he has game.

Massive to have Addin Fonua-Blake back.
Lui is very decent. He is mobile and a big enough body. I would start him next week.
I would be bringing Katoa back off the bench because he is a point of difference.
Afoa has been good enough recently to maintain a bench spot.

Curren and Harris are walk up starts. I would keep Murchie

You can't start Jazz at prop.
He is the ultimate bench player.

Who is the bench hooker then.
Otukolo, Lussick or Chanel Harris-Tavita.

I was disappointed in Dallin Watene-Zelezniak missing that tackle for the May try
However it was Sironen who let me down the most.
He was responsible for two lost possessions under no pressure.
He was also sucked in by Luai for that final try.
This guy is in the team for his reliabilty, stability and versaltility.
I can take an error or two if he offered up something more in attack.

Montoya, Arthurs
Pompey, Aritken
Johnson, Volkman
Addin Fonua-Blake, Egan, Lui
Aitken, Curran.
Bench Afoa, Katoa, Jazz, Lussick/Otukolo