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Just had a look on the chookpen- to say they're confident would be an understatement.
They don't rate our propping rotation at all- fair to say that's where it'll be won or lost.

To be fair nobody has rated our team for years. Watch Bunty run straight through their defence today. I pick 2 line breaks for Bunty today.

I have been saying Warriors by 8 but i now think it will be:

Warriors 30
Roosters 22
Refs 7382726

Those refs have been on fire this season.
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Well if we weren't already on the back foot going into this game, we definitely are now with Gavet ruled out, and question marks over Shaun Johnson (edit: ruled out, confirmed by Mt Welly). Everyone needs to lift for this one. Play competitive, play smart, play with heart for the full 80 boys.
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The only evidence is some mongol writing a article on, whose on reasoning for Shaun Johnson being possibly out was because "blah blah blah concerns over Shaun Johnson's fitness, because Lino hasn't stayed on the extended bench once cut to 2 all year".

Hardly say that mean diddily fuck, all to do with who was actually on the extended bench. Gavet and Klokstad drop off. Gavet injured and Gelling can cover more positions than Klokstad.

Conspiracy theorists will latch onto anything. Chesus fuck!!
They got it right this time. Smoke - fire...
Shaun Johnson being out is not ideal.

Reality is all teams will have games without key playmakers, what will seperate most is how they deal with it. Strangely, probably happens at a good time for us, no one outside us is probably seeing us win.

No doubt Shaun Johnson is a pivotal player, but, we have been playing as a team recently and that structure/process doesn't change, another player slots in, who will be just as well versed with the plays/direction.

Still like our chances, certainly will be a test, but we have shown that our game plan is team driven and we will still show up with 17 players.
We have based the last two wins on desperate defence and can do that again today, Shaun Johnson has been good on D but stick to the systems and we can hold them out. On attack we obviously lose something in the running stakes but otherwise Lino is OK and probably better with last tackle options close to the line.
Its harder now and there is a mental step up for the team to get over losing Gavet and Shaun Johnson, I am looking forward to seeing how they handle it.
The injuries are a bit of a blow and yes a tough road trip has just got a bit tougher. Especially after already having to replace Lisone due to suspension.

The key thing is the guys coming in taking their opportunity. We talk a lot about competition for spots well there are some openings now and the guys coming in now need to push their case for more game time. Hopefully Satae and Vete rip in.

In the case of Lino. He has usually come in at the tail end of the season when the side is low on confidence and either in or about to go on a losing streak. He is now coming into a fit side doing well, also confidence will be up. He should also have less organising to do compared to when he usually comes in replacing Johnson as Green would do the majority of it.
If Lino is playing, I hope he doesn't touch the ball.. Wishful thinking? Haha. He has looked horrendous in the lower grades. Would rather we put a hole filler in at 6, like Tevaga or someone who can just plug the defense line and fire the odd pass to Green. Luke to help with the kicking. Harris is too important out wide, and we don't have a decent replacement for him any way.

Would be a magical performance if we win without Shaun Johnson and Gavet.
I dont mind Lino, he does the basics well. although havent watched him exceot for the first game this year. I been thinking about Tevaga at 6 for a while, I think he can do it, wont have the game management yet but pair him with Blake and we are OK.
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