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  • Warriors Roast!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Roosters 12-

  • Roosters Cock Fight!

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Paasi and Lino's performances underline that the whole squad are transformed and that it's not just a fitness thing. It's definitely a big cog. But I think the culture has changed. Every player is giving his best every game.

You can have a great trainer but if the players don't buy in to the vision, it won't work. The vision comes from the club.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
No Princess, no Gavet, no Lisorrne, no Mannering, no wuckin furries.

If someone has a roosters forum account, go flip the salary sombrero upside down and shiiite in it.

Warriors are the reeeeal deal. Must have stood up pumped for 3/4 of that game.

4/4. Yeah, those Warriors they suck! Sack that nuftie Kearney guy!

C'mon the Knights tomorrow. Give the Warriors their righteous place at No. 1.

If I'm a Roosters player I'm finding any excuse possible to avoid Mr Robinson and Co. That was ugly from them...

Off to see what the Chookpen folk have to whinge/cry/complain about. HA!


1) Way too much adrenaline flowing during the 2nd half to make posts. But yussss!! we won. Can't believe it.
2) I am sorry for doubting you Mason. You were the man of the match in my opinion. Had a blinder. Scored a try, set up another with high bomb, clever kick to force a repeat set which led to a try, and outstanding goal kicking which contributed to the desparation of the Roosters.
3) As well as we played, boy the Roosters played badly. Both the Titans and Raiders executed way better than they did. The left winger for the Roosters in particular had a night to forget and so many forward passes in the first half.
4) Blake Green kind of is the captain in a way. It seems to be him that decides whether to kick for goal and go for two points or whatever, and everybody respects his call.
5) I thought Tevaga was a key reason why they only scored 6 points. He is one the best/most enthusiastic tacklers I have seen, better even than Mannering.

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