He has the clause about staying in Australia if he doesn't want to move to NZ... Who knows how the clause is worded, but he has an out. A 19 year old with a baby, it's understandable he would want to stay around family. If we were happy to put the clause in his contract, then the Warriors can't feel hard done by if decides to stay in Brisbane.
My understanding is that the clause is for 2024 not 2023 (happy to be corrected)
One year on and I still can’t believe the Broncos let him go in the first place!
Next to none of us had seen him in action when we signed him, but as soon as he hit the field with us it was clear as day he was a superstar in the making.

Had a thought..might sound a bit out there but remember when Ben Barba had that ridiculous year when everything he did turned to gold (2012 I think).
Well he was at least 3 or 4 years into his first grade career and I can honestly see Reece having that kind of impact with another season or 2 under his belt.
(ON the field of course, not off it! Haha)
And Reece has waaay more game than Barba ever had.
Of course there’d have to be other factors as well but the guys potential is that sky high imo.
I don’t see his smaller stature as an issue either. He’s tough and will only get tougher.

I hope he stays with us next year and beyond but it wouldn’t surprise at all if he ends up back in QLD.
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Perhaps Walsh could be one of his missing halves?
I think anyone looking at Walsh prior as a half were all thinking hes a potential star 6. Broncs wanted him to play FB, Warriors continued the trend.

Im truly as much an admirer of Walsh's onfield antics as anybody out there. But I cant stick my head in the sand about his sliding defense

He is 9/10 on offense, most players have the skills, what he has is the balls to try it out on the footy field, no fear offensively.

imo halves who have never played FB SELDOM make excellent FBs (Chanel Harris-Tavita surprised me how good he did at the job to be honest). The thing is you can hide him as a half somewhat, there is nowhere to hide as FB, its the hardest part of the job and the most important traditionally. I dont care for ignoring FB defense in the modern game for the sake of looking glitzy on offense. We were always going to miss Roger Tuivasa-Sheck on defense but also his metres (our back 5 have been underwhelming vs Ken, Fusitua, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck). But if Walsh can some how just get the vision and the one on one tackles to a much much higher standard, then he might not be a flash in the pan (as many young guns tend to be, ie Ash Taylor 2017 Dally M rookie) or more than likely, he will go back to playing 6 which is where I wish we could play him.

So for me, the Warriors have so many damn halves now, its not a huge loss. I dont expect Metcalf to be worse than Walsh at FB.

On offense hes hardly a slouch either.....

So either way it pans out, we got some guns next year, may this trend continue and may Reece help us reach the top 4 or there abouts this year so more players see us as a club on the rise to join. I thank him for taking a punt on us at $50k and $450k. If he stays, he will be treated better in NZ than on the muddy shores of north Brisbane lol.

IF he wants to leave and his clause means he can do so with no trade needed, so be it, but otherwise I demand big compensation, and definitely not ex Melb forwards.

I just cant see how he doesnt have a clean escape clause if its even being discussed.

I would like him to try living him in Auck for his own sake though, it would be such a massive growth step for a teen/young man with a family (make arrangements for parents flights/accomodation etc). Then he can see whether he would rather stay with the club. But I think everything is already signed, not often Kenty gets an exclusive tip off wrong.

Aside from the endless summer in NSW/QLD (no rain in winter) and the public transport systems which take a dump on Aucks ridiculous attitude toward forcing commuters to use buses (shudder), Auck is a much nicer city lifestyle wise imo than Bris.
Losing Walsh and throwing a $1m instead on a proven player isn’t all that bad loss if you ask me.

Kid is still very much work in progress and not a finished product. Happy for someone else to throw big money at him instead.
I agree with the sentiment but, we have thrown 1 million at a couple of players and been rejected..
Losing Walsh and throwing a $1m instead on a proven player isn’t all that bad loss if you ask me.

Kid is still very much work in progress and not a finished product. Happy for someone else to throw big money at him instead.
I feel like Reece has been learning the game at our expense. We have given him a free licence to learn, make errors and bulk up physically while gaining valuable first grade experience. His errors and mistakes are part of the reason our team has been under pressure at times.

I would hope he would repay our investment in his development, as what we have provided him has fast tracked his progress towards his potential. But realistically I feel we are just a stepping stone…


There’s always next year.
I agree with the sentiment but, we have thrown 1 million at a couple of players and been rejected..

Serious question

Would someone like a Rapana or CNK, if paid a fraction of the price, do any worse than what we’ve seen from Walsh ?

Their shelf life is much shorter, so the question is whether the next two years is our year.

If it is, then I have no time to watch Walshy make rookie mistakes and bad reads. Especially if we intend to pay him a shit load of cash to stay.

I’d take some of that cash and top up Lodges offer.


I’m in no hurry to lose Walsh but accept it may happen.

I think he’ll continue to grow and soon start to figure out what teams are doing to him now they’ve figured him out - and he’ll evolve again to lift further.

He’s a natural with strong game IQ and can execute more often than not and will get that ratio higher with more experience.

What seems to have been largely overlooked is he’s currently kicking at 92% and we know not many tries have been in the middle third, and we’ve won some tight ones where goal kicking was the difference….wasn’t yesterday a three tries to four win against for us?

Nah I’ll keep him thanks, happy to pay him $750-800k for 3yrs.
Walsh is actually from the Gold Coast.
I dont know what he does outside training and league game time but the Gold Coast is ocean side means you can go surfing swimming etc.... Brisbane ''beaches'' are just sad mud flat type set ups with a long island off shore stopping swells etc.,, there s hardly a swimming beach there bar a couple and they are pretty sad set ups.
I just feel if Walsh maybe got exposed to Piha Bethells Muriwai bit of pig hunting skiing trout fishing etc etc and discover NZ he d get a like for the place.
If he goes to play for Broncos or Redcliffe he ll basically have to live in boring Brisbane as the motorway between GC and Brisbane is frequently just a parking lot so living on the GC and playing for a Brisbane club is not a viable option.
But he has a kid and mumsy may well want to live close to support people. And his woman may rule his life.
Who knows.
But I like the kid and feel he has got huge potential.
I prefer watching him to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Even Tedesco seems to be getting the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck disease of just doing too much.
Pick your moments and chime in and thats what Reece does.
And the defensive side of his game is picking uo.
My understanding is that the clause is for 2024 not 2023 (happy to be corrected)

He has a traditional player option for 2024, but the way the media have spoken, he has the general out clause if he gets home sick for the rest of his contract. That's why they are saying he'll be a dolphin next season, because they are expecting him to activate that clause.

Walsh has a lot to learn. Teams are shutting him down this season, without space he doesn't have the power to break tackles or chuck out long passes. His defense is improving, but not a strength. Talent to burn, but a long way to go before he's anywhere near a $800k+ player.
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Getty tired of seeing and hearing the constant rumours and BS from journo’s swirling around Walshy since before the season began.

He shouldn’t have to but it would be good from the fans point of view to hear him dispel those rumours.