Gameday Rd 9 - Warriors vs Broncos 5/5/12

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P

Player Statistics

# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P
Gameday thread for Warriors games. Post your thoughts/discussion/news as the day and game unfolds. Scores/Stats update every 5mins during the game.
Friend you dumbass! Somebody really needs to tell him NEVER to kick.

The quality of this game is slipping a bit...but at least they slipping too haha

We should not have let that last fucking try in. That's just lazy. Our F/A can't afford that kind of shit.
Before that last try the score line looked really good in the Warriors favour scoring over 20pts and keeping the opposition under 20pts.
We're starting to look more like the team we should have been last year. our defence looks SO much better without Ropo out there. If Shitlennen puts Ropo back there next week/the week after and we lose, surely that'd be it for him as a centre?

Very impressed with our D in the first 20-30 of that half. We took all they had on our goal line. If we can cut out the dumb errors, we'll be looking even better. Either way, it seems like we're finally hitting a little bit of form. It's just our last 15 minutes or so that needs work it would seem. Storm and Broncos have both scored late trys against us to screw up the rightful margins.
Sat down with a few mates last month and looked at the last 3 games we just played. Neither of them gave us a sniff. I only gave us a chance against the Bunnies.
Cheers for proving me wrong lads. Another 2 very winnable games in the next fortnight. Really looking forward to Friday night footy at Leichardt.