Gameday Rd 9 - Warriors vs Broncos 5/5/12

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Match Stats

Player Statistics

# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P

Player Statistics

# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT/IT Pos DR H/M K/M AR/M E P
Gameday thread for Warriors games. Post your thoughts/discussion/news as the day and game unfolds. Scores/Stats update every 5mins during the game.


I have a really bad feeling... (R.I.P. MCA aside)

Warriors - 14
Broncocks - 28

FTS - McCulloch
MOM - Glenn
So Inu isn't even on extended bench now. I assume God will stay with Ta'ai going.

Warriors v Broncos
Mt Smart Stadium, 7.30 tonight
Jerome Ropati
Bill Tupou
Ben Henry
Konrad Hurrell
Manu Vatuvei
James Maloney
Shaun Johnson
Russell Packer
Nathan Friend
Ben Matulino
Elijah Taylor
S Mannering (c)
Feleti Mateo
Interchange (from): Jacob Lillyman, Lewis Brown, Ukuma Ta'ai, Sione
Lousi, Pita Godinet.
Josh Hoffman
Gerard Beale
Jack Reed
Justin Hodges
Dale Copley
Corey Norman
Peter Wallace
Ben Hannant
A McCullough
Petero Civoniceva
Alex Glenn
S Thaiday (c)
Corey Parker
Interchange: Ben Hunt, Josh McGuire, Matt Gillett, Ben Te'o.


Sgt. Pepper
Godinet and Inu have both been named in the Vulcan's edited line up. So it looks like Ta'ai is staying, unfortunately.

From Vulcans facebook page.

Auckland Vulcans

1. Steve Waetford
2. Dylan Collier
3. Rusty Bristow
4. Krisnan Inu
5. Willie Peace
6. Willie Stowers
7. Pita Godinet
8. Herman Retzlaff
9. Alehana Mara
10. Suaia Matagi
11. Agnatius Paasi
12. Sam Lousi
13. Tevita Latu

14. Trent Bishop
15. Daniel Palavi
16. Manu Mau
18. Murray Iti

COACH: Ricky Henry
Well let's hope nothing happens to Ropo or we are focked

Yeah that is kinda interesting, i cant see Bluey having no option to cover fullback if Ropo go's down again, maybe Tupou would have the best hope of covering in an
absolute emergency...the other wing and centers are no hope.

I suppose Locke couldn't make a miracle recovery...could he?

Wishful thinking;)


The God was on that extended bench as cover for Shaun Johnson - not as a bench hooker. If Shaun Johnson is fit, the God will be playing for the Vulcans and Ta'ai will retain his spot. I can't see Bluey heading into this game with Lillyman playing his first game of the season and dropping the other extra prop off the bench for an extra option at hooker.


Stop Being Shit
Toyota Cup
Junior Warriors: 6 - 4 Junior Broncos

Havili 1
Conversions 1/1

Lumley 1
Conversions 0/1


Stop Being Shit
Toyota Cup: 29mins
Junior Warriors: 12 - 4 Junior Broncos

Ligi Sao Try

Sao, Havili 1

Conversions 2/2

Lumley 1

Conversions 0/1


Stop Being Shit
Toyota Cup: 37mins
Junior Warriors: 18 - 4 Junior Broncos

Carlos Tuimavave Try

Trys: 3
Tuimavave, Sao, Havili 1

Conversions: 3/3
Lino 3/3

Trys: 1
Lumley 1

Conversions: 0/1
Frisbee 0/1
the head to head pattern suggests the boys are due to win this one and the next one against the broncos.

based on form this year the broncos should be far to good and get the win easily. I will tip the boys for a win though

Warriors 22
broncos 20

FTS Ropati
MoM Johnson


Stop Being Shit
Toyota Cup: Halftime

Jnr Warriors 18 - 4 Jnr Broncos
58% Possesion 42%​
17 Completed Sets 15​
77% Completion Rate 79%​
5 Incomplete Sets 4​
3 Penalties 3​
6 LineBreaks 3​
16 Offloads 8​
4 Errors 5​
134 Tackles 177​
12 Missed Tackles 27​
13 Dummy Half Runs 19​