Post Match Rd 7: Storm Beat Warriors In Thriller

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler

As usual we give it away at the last 10 minutes after dominating for the majority of the match. FML...
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Our centres lost us this game almost single handedly.

A valiant performance for the most part, but still riddled with errors and certain players having off nights (Hurrell)/being shit (Ropati)

On the plus side this should be the last time we see Ropati play for the Warriors.
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Mattt Elliot blinked before the game and had no faith in fish and laumape in the centres...good lesson for you ME..Ropo was absolutely off the farken pace big time and now we are 1-7...have faith in the young players and stop second guessing yorself...Elijah taylor is quick off the line but misses first up tackles regularly..fark off to penrith !
To be fair I was expecting a worse beating. Anyhow. Elliot out .. and Ropati too and Hurrel to retrain and someone awesome to come in. Tears
That wasn't even handling. It was placing the ball down and rolling it with a foot.

Yeah nah it is handling. Dropping the ball any time is a handling issue. Not hard to catch, not hard to put the ball on the ground either.

This is 2009 all over again, not downright awful, just stupid shit that makes us lose close games.
Well we flattered to deceive there didn't we.

Only ahead because of an intercept and it seemed that the Storm made 80 metres or so a set every time. Then they kicked well.

We made 20 odd metres quite a few times then kicked right to Slater.

Oh well - really can't see where a win may come from to be honest.