Post Match Rd 14: Warriors Beat Roosters!

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Amazing win!

4 wins in a row, unchartered territory!
God that feels good.. still shaking..

Hurrell, Laumape, Matulino, Manu.. all great. And even though i'm an Elijah hater.. i have to admit that he's been really good the last couple of weeks..

Negatives for me were stupid penalties and offloads.. the main culprits being Mannering and Lowrie.. Mannering is really starting to piss me off with his shit offloads. He's supposed to be our reliable captain but he's pushing some fuckin awful passes and just general numbskull shit you'd normally expect from someone like Manu.. Ironic because i can't even remember the last stupid offload from Manu.. I can remember 5 or 6 from Mannering in the last 3 weeks alone.. just stop it? you're not Mateo..
Preliminary stats: roosters made three times as many off loads, more line breaks, we made over twice as many missed tackles and still beat them despite Todd's best efforts to lose us the game. Very proud off the boys!!!!

Yeah the tackle was being lost by Todles. But to give him his due he was the man who set up the Fish. Which turned the game.

The defence. That is all.
Laumape was awesome tonight. Hes quite a smart player and has all the skills, speed and strength to go with it as well.

We showed some big kahunas to come back and win that one, so proud of the boys.

Big Ben should be up there for a Daily M, he is an absolute beast.

Fucking awesome!!!!!1
Awesome awesome awesome
1 fish- class and courage
2 matulino- different side with him out there
3 laumape- they targeted him and he passed with flying colours- haven't seen the stats but he must've chewed up some big meters.

Hm to the halves- Shaun Johnson layed on the first try on played a very controlled game and shoulders would have to be the best defensive halve in the comp.
Everyone one was good- bar toddfuckinglowrie- and friend had a bit of a shocker too.
Fish, Matulino, Laumape for me.

Fish's anticipation for the Lowrie offload was great plus his defence was outstanding. Unlucky not to stop their first try and did brilliantly to stop SKD. That and his try won us the game for me.

All in all what a turn around. Chooks scoreless in the second half, defence wins games as we've seen these last few weeks.

Manly kept to 14, Chooks kept to 12. That's great play.
why would you wanna bring locke back when laumape plays like an animal every game and fish is killing it at fullback, and isn't it nice having a fullback who can score tyrs. lastly packer you are a disgrace 10mins in the first half then maybe 5 mins in the 2nd half
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3 - Fish just playing awesome
2 - Laumape...tough assignment against Tupou and completely outplayed him
1 - Marquee really stepped up,put alot of that cinderella shit away

HM, Leuluai,Matulino,Hurrell...Shaun Johnson's chase of Jennings

Lowrie is weak on attack,always good 2 give away penalties,and his defense is poor

SKD better not get a kiwi jumper end of year...boy is he crap
Taylor for me.

Great to see him playing as his potential always showed. With his current form its a shame he is leaving us.

Yet again, the whole team played very well. Fish was awesome, matulino was on fire.

Still got a huge smile on my face, just brilliant. 4 in a row and 2 more points next week for the bye. Sweet end to the weekend.