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I was watching NRL Tactics last night and they came out with this stat.

Most Tackle Breaks for a player over 105kgs

Leading it was the Beast on 17 followed by T-Rex on 16.

Should be an interesting match up.

Also, i hope the Knights beat the Broncos tonight.
Williams has been pretty unstoppable 10 metres out. But I don't think that will be a problem for the Beast.
i don't really care about that game. not really interested in coming 7th or 8th just to get knocked out in week 1. I'm hoping we'll get top for but will be happy with 2nd-6th. preferably 2nd-4th lol.

i think gold coast will be in the top 4 with the dragons because they got sharks round 25 and home game round 26. i think our biggest worries atm are penrith and manly they're 2nd and 3rd in the current top 8 when it comes to p/d. good thing is we play manly this week so if we win they'll longer be a top 4 threat. I'll be cheering for souths tonight hopefully they'll continue penriths slump.

so for this weekend:
1. dragons - got their top 4 locked up.
2. titans - play roosters - then have sharks and tigers at home
3. wests - hate this team - don't care them/rate them
4. penrith - if they win this week watch out - they got doggies and sharks after this week
5. roosters -in poor form but i like them. will welcome them into joining us in the top 4 so we don't have to face them
6. warriors - beat manly this week and end their top 4 hopes - then face "7th/8th" contenders in broncos and eels after this week
7.manly - see above
8. broncos - not too worried about them along with eels, raiders and souths. we're not exactly in the same mould/position as those teams placed 8th-11th, the only team here i got doubt about are the eels if they sneak into the 8 they'll be the team who'll mostly cause an upset in week 1. broncos team are too inexperienced. souths don't have sutton. and raiders they're not unfamiliar with coming 7th/8th but who cares?

anyways that's just my opinion. hope i don't get proved wrong :D
Some media outlets have said that this is the very first encounter between the Beast and T-Rex. This is un-true, I was at the 1 and only encounter between the two in the 2nd last round of the 2008 NRL season against the Eels at Parramatta Stadium. The Beast scored 3 tries, in much the same fashion as he did last week, all over the top of his opposite winger.

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