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  • Warriors 13+

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Warriors 12-

    Votes: 11 26.8%
  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

    Votes: 7 17.1%
  • Raiders 12-

    Votes: 9 22.0%
  • Raiders 13+

    Votes: 13 31.7%

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Raiders vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 19, 2020]

Nice relaxing game to look forward to.

No pressure on us. We have earned our reputation as the never give up mob.

Looking for a better start than last week, last week we came out like the old Warriors. Can we win? who knows, who cares, just give us another competitive one boys.

Go the Warriors !
This match IMO will show us the real character of this group.

We're outta the race for the 8, we have nothing to play for but pride & our opponent today is finals bound.

The head says ... we're gonna get pumped ...we ran our race & fell short ... the motivation/fight of this group will be almost gone.

But the heart says ... this group is different ... they will fight regardless ... and at the very least will go out on their shield.

History would tell us the former is much more likely than the latter ... lets see if this team can continue to rewrite that narrative.

So cooper thinks the Raiders should try stay 5th so they play sharks twice going into the finals! So purposly lose to stay 5th? Once a cheat always a cheat! (AYE STORM)😜

Seriously the guy is a fuckwit!
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