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" ... And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The team that's not even trying, is the best we're ever had .. "

NZ Warriors.

Dude. :(
Fuck you Isaac Luke! Stop smiling you bent cu**!

A real Warrior would not smile but pick him out for later seeing he had just put a head hit on one of our guys but this is not the Warriors we have here we just smile at the opposition as they smash and rape us. That sums our club culture
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Every single team this year has had a good patch even the ones who had massive internal dramas and mass player exodus or some other shit. The Tigers look like a club rejuvenated under a new coach. The knights keep coming every week and playing their hearts out with a no name team and even the fucking bunnies have had a good run without some of thier stars. We were expected to be too 4 and even premiership favourites but I can't recall a worse fucking warriors season with absolutely zero excuses
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