General Player-coach:Could ivan cleary be a player-coach


i was reading a few league stories and some guys from the superleague in britain were player-coaches. Meaning they were like coach of the team(like ivan cleary) and also played in the team. I reckon cleary should play at number 6. i mean there are some older guys in the nrl. look how long kevin campion lasted.cleary is still in his early 30's right? cleary played for the warriors in the number 6 jersey a few times didn't he?


Cleary may have filled in but he was mainly a fullback or centre. And as for player coach I'm going to have to say no I don't see it happening.


i cant remember him playing at standoff.

and no he should coach, not player coach. the player coaches in esl are for lower tier teams who cannot afford a coach thus they give a player extra responsibilities to be coach.

lets not reinvent the wheel in looking for an answer. if we had a player who took control of the game we wouldnt have an issue. all the star playmakers in the nrl are players who want to have the ball, they know they can make something out of it. their teammates knwo that too and support and trust the playmakers by providing extra decoy, chasing for every inch. Rovelli is a good player and will start controlling more and more. we have to perservere with him. ropati is not a 5/8 and never has been. it is clearly evident. he plays as an extra forward in the 5/8 and our only other previous option was a forward who was told to play like a 5/8. We need a specialist 5/8. I dont mind losing webb if we go out and get a decent player who will take control for the team next year.


I agree Tajhay. Rovelli will become more dominant the more he plays. The more Rovelli controls the game the more a running five eight like Ropati would compliment him, but right now it's certainly not a good enough mix. I think Ropati would be a lot more effective outside a player like Stacey, Gower, Prince etc.


It's something that's still, relatively, common in
lower grades but I think the intensity of NRL dictates
that the Coach remains just that. I don't recall Ivan
playing at number 6, but I could be wrong.


He definitely played some five eighth for the Warriors, 2001 in particular and a bit in 2002.

As stated above though, the intensity is too much to coach/play at NRL level.


No, he hasn't played since 2002 and I'm guessing his game will be well below the standards required to succeed. The only aspect of his game that we could really benefit from is his goalkicking but I'm not even sure if he can do that as well any more.


I see ropati as a anasta without the kicking game. Have faith with rovelli cause if we demote him now it could be destabilising.


Anyone remember Matthew Ridge a few years ago was offered a similar role at the Warriors?


I really don't think it can work, firstly I doubt he is fit enough it will undermine Steve Price aswell.
Thats only two reasons..... if we were winning and winning well maybe if we had injuries he could come off the bench.


One of the most stupid posts Ive read

I do not think its really that stupid. Why do you think coaches come down to the sideline sometimes?

They want to get a feel for whats happening on the field. Sometimes having someone closer to the action you start seeing things that need changing and sometimes you become a better judge of your players knowing what they can and cannot do. For example, if you were a coach, played in the centres, outside Ropati and never got the ball, what would you do the following week?

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