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Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team Rnd 9 - Sharks vs Warriors
Redmonis Stadium, Woolooware


Potential Round 9 vs Sharks team list discussion.

After the Titans game do you want to see the same team? Promotions? Demotions?

Games not for two weeks BTW.

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Fish (if fit- has some good chemistry with konnie- if not- LOLohea)
Shaun Johnson


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1. Brad Abbey
2. Ken Maumalo
3. Kata
4. Hurrell
5. Manu
6. Hingano/Api
8. Rapira
9. Roache
10. Matulino
11. Lisone
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering

14. Vete
15. Havilli
16. Lolohea
17. Bhana

Team with Heart
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  1. Sam Tomkins
  2. Jonathan Wright
  3. David Fusitua
  4. Solomone Kata
  5. Glen Fisiiahi
  6. Api Pewhairangi
  7. Chad Townsend
  8. Jacob Lillyman
  9. Nathan Friend
  10. Ben Matulino
  11. Sam Lisone
  12. Ryan Hoffman
  13. Simon Mannering
  14. Siliva Havili
  15. Sam Rapira
  16. Manu Vatuvei
  17. Bodene Thompson
time for change, time to make some people nervous
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1 Tomkins
2 Wright
3 Ngani (is he an option?) or Peyroux
4 Lolohea
5 Manu
6 Chad
7 Pewhairangi
8 Lillyman
9 Friend
10 Lisone
11 Mannering
12 Hoffman
13 Seb

14 Leuluai
15 Matulino
16 Rapira
17 Sione
Without a doubt Wright has to be dropped. Same with Thompson - at least, to the bench. Chad and Shaun need to free themselves! Fuck me, can they stop playing this left and right bullshit, it's so predictable, so boring and doesn't work.
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Princess to full back.. no smarts to run a game and chaos mind heart elsewhere.. I'd have pomkins Lolo and api in mix there. . But princess at back.. won't happen as the hobbit doesn't have the balls. Konrad and maumalo in.. forwards stay.
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Didn't our NSW Cup team have a big win? Have 1sts and 2nds ever been completely swapped before? We'd almost certainly get hammered, but hey, at least we'd have decent reason for the loss. It's getting to the point where I'm not even hoping for a win, just a rationale explanation for our useless performances.
I think the Fish went off injured today? If he pulls up alright I'd like him back in with Hurrell. If not, I'd like Kata on the right edge if he's selected for Centre, Hurrell back in playing left edge. Number 9 - I am in total agreement with those who think Lulu and Friend aint up to it, who else is there at this point? No one so Lulu/Friend it is. The rest of the team I really could care less who's in there, the bench the props whatev's. Comparing last week to today's spectacle apart from a few key plays and players its all in the mind, the determination - good luck Cappy good luck players. You've got the ball now go for it, theres your man your team mate back him up aye? Go hard. I hope Fusitua is ok he showed some skill its good to have him as part of the Warriors. Looking forward to the update
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