General Pick Your Team Rnd 24 - Warriors vs Cowboys

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Wow. I'm guessing Tomkins for the boot in the try… but Rapira? For what? Headbutting that guys shoulder? Did he take too big a divot out of the turf when he went down?… jeesh.
he lifted the player over the horizontal right at the start of the game
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I did want to see Fish at fullback with Tomkins moving to the halves and Lino given a shot at halfback but now Fish is leaving theres no real point I guess. Still would have liked to see Lino given a shot over Chad and think it's really stupid that this won't happen. Would like to have seen Maumalo given a shot at 11 too as a fringe running forward.

However, Cappy/Doyle seem to be contempt riding out these bunch of losers instead of looking at options for next year when we actually have something to play for. I definitely disagree with this stance, it seems pointless.

What I would like to know is the reason Cappy is so staunchly loyal to someone like Chad who is horribly out of form and not here next year? Does his journeyman ability remind Cappy of his younger self I wonder? Who knows but right now we are getting pumped every game and are unable to score points.....why would it hurt to look at other options?
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With the exception of Sam Tomkins and Nathan Friend, all those not playing for the club next year, off to NSW cup. Tomkins, you can play right half because that's Johnsons spot anyway and Friend is keeping Luke's spot warm.

1) Fusitua
2) Maumalo
3) Hurrell
4) Kata
5) Wright
6) Lolohea
7) Tomkins
8) Lillyman
9) Friend
10) Vete
11) Thompson
12) Hoffman
13) Mannering
14) Gubb
15) Lisone
16) RFM
17) Gotta be someone in NSW cup that has earned the right, otherwise Peyroux/ Rapira.
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  1. Laura Mariu (c)
  2. Tasha Davie
  3. Shontelle Dudley
  4. Maitua Feterika
  5. Teuila Fotu-Moala
  6. Georgia Hale
  7. Annabelle Hohepa
  8. Nora Maaka
  9. Kelly Maipi
  10. Krystal Murray
  11. Hilda Peters
  12. Kahurangi Peters
  13. Rona Peters
  14. Krystal Rota
  15. Kristina Sue
  16. Atawhai Tupaea
  17. Janna Vaughan
The boys are going to play like girls then we might as well let girls in Kiwi Ferns have a go. That would fuck with Thurston ! ;)
Oh my dear lord - Lousy is back.
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Jordan G

Lousi starting, Thompson on the bench. No RFM.

1 Sam Tomkins
2 Ken Maumalo
3 Dominique Peyroux
4 Solomone Kata
5 Jonathan Wright
6 Chad Townsend
7 Tuimoala Lolohea
8 Jacob Lillyman
9 Nathan Friend
10 Albert Vete
11 Sione Lousi
12 Ryan Hoffman
13 Simon Mannering (c)

14 Konrad Hurrell
15 Bodene Thompson
16 Sam Lisone
17 Charlie Gubb
18 Matthew Allwood
1. What
2. Is
3. The
4. Fucking
5. Point
6. Any
7. More
8. With
9. These
10. Useless
11. Bunch
12. Of
13. Heartless

14. Weak
15. Minded
16. Pricks
17. Hmmm?

Not sold on this lineup, but our options are extremely limited right now...

Don't know about you guys but I'm liking the inclusion of Pricks, by all regards not a soft player, will be expecting him to go hard at the line and look to penetrate the defence, should really stiffen up the defence too.
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