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Who has the better forward pack?

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Gallen reported for a crusher tackle i think, he actually hit Morris high but on report for the tackle. Fifita hopefully banned, he's such a grub - no wonder Ennis chose the sharks. Also on Fifita he hardly even puts his foot on his ball when he plays it and always trying to milk the penalty by doing the worm thing on the ground and flailing with his arms, he got pinged for a poor play yesterday but does it all the time. Hate the sharks big time................................. almost as much as the cheating Roosters who is beyond belief how they get around salary cap. :rage:
I reckon Tomkins will play FB - but I think he needs to step in for Shaun Johnson in the line. His kick returns have all been ineffective, and I'd rather see Tui there. Tomkins always pushes into the attacking line anyway for those passes leading to tries.

Hurrell to centre, not convinced with Fish on his return. Wright and Manu on the wings if fit, otherwise looking at Fusi or Maumalo.
1) Tomkins
2) Mailiumou
3) Kata
4) Hurrell
5) Vatuvei
6) Lolohea
7) fuck knows - Townsend I suppose?
8) Vete
9) Friend
10) Matalino
11) Thompson if he isn't injured
12) Hoffman if he isn't injured
13) Mannering

Plus the usual bunch of useless cu**s as there is no one else
Don't remember signing him but as we need someone to step up I'll go with your choice.
Fifita out. Jeez this round has been hell on my fantasy team. Johnson, Taupau, Fifita and Bromwich (biting) all gonski this week
Let's go insane and pick the same limp dick bastards again.. the same clowns who pull off the same dumbass shit every week.. nothing will change around this place.. , acceptance of mediocrity, same old shit, different year.

Townsend offers nothing but he'll still get picked because he washes McFadden's car.

Friend and Havili both offer nothing but let's keep going with this winning combo because there's no alternatives, same excuse every week.

Lousi can fark off right now.. so can Rapira, both disinterested, no impact and crap work rates.. Where's Lisone? I don't give a shit what he did on social media or whatever the excuse is.. he's a better player then Lousi and Rapira combined.

Why doesn't Lillyman play consistently well every week? One week awesome next fortnight crap.. one week awesome next month average but he still gets rich praise that's undeserving.. why not put a Moron jersey underneath the Warrior jersey if you need motivation.

Limping our way to another season's end without finals, not surprised to be honest.
I had Tompkins at fullback in my team to play the sharks but I'm warm to the idea of ST playing in the halves, I'd keep Townsend for continuity, have Tui up the back to bring some punch to the kick returns and drop Lousi, Rapira and Havilli.
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1. Lolohea
2. Fishiiahi
3. Kata
4. Hurrell
5. Vatuvei (Maumalo if Vats is still out)
6. Townsend
7. Tomkins
8. Vete
9. Friend
10. Matulino
11. Faitala-Mariner
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering (c)

14. Roache
15. Lillyman
16. Lisone
17. Ikahihifo
18. Rapira

Havilli, Lousi not worthy of first grade
At this point Maumalo would bring more impact off the bench than Lousi/Rapira.

But why would you do something innovative and different in a time of need ? Cappy sees him as a winger only so that's the only way he'll be used.

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Going to give this another crack (taking into account Manu not being available, Hoffy back and Lolo's impending promotion to 5/8):

1. Sam Tomkins
2. Glen Fisiiahi
3. Konrad Hurrell
4. Solomone Kata
5. Ken Maumalo
6. Tuimoala Lolohea
7. Chad Townsend
8. Jacob Lillyman
9. Nathan Friend
10. Ben Matulino
11. Raymond Faitala-Mariner
12. Ryan Hoffman
13. Simon Mannering

14. Charlie Gubb (latest update via Warriors website says he's back Round 21)
15. Albert Vete
16. Sam Lisone
17. Sam Rapira

Hoping the team would shape similar to this. Ken Maumalo comes in for Wright, as we need more go forward from kicks with Manu absent. Hurrell comes back in as there isn't many alternatives. Fish retains his spot and hopefully comes out injury free - Fish and Koni have played together on the edge before and hopefully cohesion sticks. Defense will be a worry though (on both edges).

Havili to disappear off the bench just because he doesn't offer anything. With Bodene out, Gubb and Lisone come in as capable back-row cover to give RFM a spell, and to cover Hoffy if his injury flares up. Fingers crossed Vete brings them venom runs to spark up the boys. Rapira stays on the bench with lack of other options.

We play our best when everyone writes us off. Tomkins, Matulino, Mannering have to step up. Hurrell has to provide us something, a long with Townsend. Lolohea needs to take this opportunity and run with it. Hoffman will bring the right attitude to lead our pack.

Win or lose, as long as we play with heart for 80mins and not bend over backwards ala last week vs. Manly, that's good enough for me.
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It seems like the Cowboys might be gooneeski for a salary cap breach if the NRL has the balls to make this public and punish them -

Should they get docked points, does that mean every other team moves up a spot ?
If that's true then shit is about to go bonkers in the NRL.

Would need to get a lot of work done very fast if punishments are to be leveled against them for this year I would think. Those are some serious allegations that could have long term ramifications for the club. Wonder if Lolo would be keen on the Warriors move again? ;D
If that's true then shit is about to go bonkers in the NRL.

Would need to get a lot of work done very fast if punishments are to be leveled against them for this year I would think. Those are some serious allegations that could have long term ramifications for the club. Wonder if Lolo would be keen on the Warriors move again? ;D

Maybe thats why Doyle has been clearing some space!!
shits an giggles

1. fish
2. Wright
3. hurrell
4. kata
5. manu - probably out anyway
6. Lolohea
7. Tomkins
8. lily
9. townsend
10. Gubb
11. rfm
12. Hoff
13. mannering

14. matulino
15. vete
16. l
17. l

18. rapira

hope not to see our halves as first receivers unless we are on the 4th or 5th and ideally in the oppositions half aye. Our metre eating line breaking offloaders should be first and second receivers. Friend can sit it out he really does fuck all anyway. Chad would make a better hooker than him. Tomkins on the right Lolohea can annoy the left with kata and hopefully manu in there.
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Doyle is pretty onto it, but I don't know if he is able to see into the future though...

Looking forward to seeing how this is going to play out. If the Cowboys are operating under a highly illegal management team and systems, they should face the same fate as the Storm a few years ago, if not worse.
Has to make you wonder about the players here as well, purchasing property at below market rates and the club taking care of the rest reeks of fraudulent behaviour.
Sorry I havent been through this thread but though Id quickly throw my thoughts out there before the actual list comes out.



Rather Sam Tomkins at halfback. In terms of having someone who has the voice, respect and experience to do the job he is hands down our best candidate. No way you have Chad Townsend running the show.

I guess it depends on how see the remaining season panning out. If you still want to hold out hope pf making the top 8 than you run with Sam. If you want to start developing for next season you trial Tuimoala there. For all we know Tui might inspire us to a Grand Final in the same way that Shaun Johnson did in 2011 but Townsend is no James Maloney and our pack isnt the same so I very much doubt it.

Wouldnt surprise me if Tui gets a shot but I dont want to see him thrown to the wolves only to suffer a mental roadblock. He'll do a good job though. Like Cappy said he has no choice but too. Also help him stake his claim over Thomas Leuluai for the 5/8 spot next year. A spot TL has the inside running for.

Ken Maumalo in for Fish. Glen Fisiiahi was total shit house against Manly. Simple one on one tackles. No stopping power or impact on hit ups. Form doesnt warrant re-selection.

Konrad Hurrell back in to replace Tuimoala.

If Cappy has to have a hooker on the bench then its time to cut Siliva Havili and go with Nathaniel Roache. If as we have been hearing from the Warriors he is indeed the future than give him a taste to keep him hungry and on track. What have we got to lose?

Charlie Gubb is due back this week and not a moment to soon. Sione Lousi to make way. Same players but Gubb has the bigger engine and less errors.

Time to bring back Sam Lisone. Sam Rapira to drop out. Need some mongrel in the pack and Lisone has that in spades.

Sebastine Ikahihifo in for Ryan Hoffman if he isnt ready...
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Probably the best team we have available at the moment hope Lolohea kills it in the halves and Chad regains a bit of form
Nice to see Lisone and gubb back
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