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Pick Your Team 2023 Rnd 5 - Sharks vs Warriors


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

Egan’s 11-Day period ends on Wednesday- he comes in for Lussick.

Curran comes in for Sironen if he is out, pretty straight forward swap.

Watene-Zelezniak is due back but I would rather he spent a week in Cup to knock the rust off since Kosi has been playing well.

I would prefer to keep Vailea in even if Williame is healthy- put Williame in Cup for a week or at 18th man.

If Martin failed his HIA, Volkman comes in for him. No fluffing about with Walker or Egan there please, they will be far more effective in their natural positions.

If Harris is out, and Barnett is healthy, that is a straight swap. No need to try outthink the room there either.
Tough match against a professional squad
Grind, patience, defence, completions just to keep head above water

Egan back
Barnett in Tohu Harris can rest
Curren for Siro on the bench
Volkman for Te Maire Martin if required

The least movement of roles and positions as possible, leave the mongrel bros on the bench as this bench rotation is a huge weapon

Defence is huge against sharks with Hynes having a blinder, I would consider a defensive centre pairing

Next step of our plan needs to be support play runners
I would bring in Barnett for Harris. Te Maire Martin is not listed as injured but Volkman in if he is. Bring Egan back and swap Vailea with Wiliame. I think Vailea still needs to work on his defense and the Sharks will expose him big time if he plays.
I am interested to hear about Marata and how he pulled up. Need at least one of him and Barnett. Preferably both.
1 C N Klokstad
2 E Kosi
3 V Vailea
4 A Pompey
5 M Montoya
6 T M Martin
7 S Johnson
8 A F Blake
9 W Egan
10 B Afoa
11 J Ford
12 M Niukore
13 M Barnett

14 D Walker
15 T Ale
16 J Tavaga
17 F Lussick

That edge of Ford, Martin, Vailea and Montoya will get a stern workover from Nico and Nikora!

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak has to bide his time while the team is on a win streak, I don't think they need to make changes just yet to Pompey and kosi?
Yeah mate. Good team. Hopefully Niukore is OK 👍.
This year for a change we can afford to rest a player if they are a bit dusty and give them a week to fully recover
Whatever the final make up of the team, I just hope the gameplan is that we focus on the power game up the middle and run with that - very similar to Cowboys match. Possession and Territory will be the key to shutting Nicho Hynes down.
I think we weren’t as up the middle yesterday, probably due to Egan being out.

With him back hopefully we’re more direct.
Watching Te Maire Martin defend, he is massive for us. If he misses a tackle he usually drives the player into a poor attacking position. He chases hard, makes tackles early in the count from marker relieving a little of the workload then sprints back to position. The kick and chase was a thing of beauty and they nearly trapped Perham which would have almost been game over for the dogs.

His contribution can be easily underrated. I think if he’s not on that edge the defense is much worse than we have seen too. Just a very smart operator.

He is great on attack, I think he would be a massive loss for us if out.
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Just on the centres, Berry is closing in on a first grade spot after watching him in the weekend.

If not this week, the following weekend for sure.

Pompey has been good but still has a brain explosion at the worst times, whether its a poor offload etc.

Vailea hasn't carried on his good defensive form from back end of last year. Some poor defensive reads in the weekend. Still worth sticking with due to his tackle breaking ability.

But both need to have massive games this weekend if they're picked.

Regardless, I need to see 5 or 6 consecutive games in NSW cup from Williame before I consider him for first grade again (unless through injuries). Dudes match fitness is shocking.
After watching the weekend NSW game carefully. I honestly think James Gavet offers more than Bunty. I know it’s crazy, he can be a loose canon but he brings intimidation and some body on the line commitment that will have an effect that will add to our team. I am not sure if he can stay consistent but I was so impressed after thinking he was over the hill.

His presence will help to ensure the Sharks don’t intimidate our boys.
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