I am all in with youthful attack and nothing to lose.

Walsh-maybe not a popular choice but still the most likely to break the line.
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
Addin Fonua-Blake
Lui- surely he is our 2nd best prop

Katoa-I know he is probably leaving but...
Frei- looked okay the other day.

No to Afoa, Aitken, Sironen, Pene. I can't see value in any of them at this point or next year.
Someone mentioned Lui can't travel to NZ due to his vax status, anyone know if that's correct?
1. Harris-T
2. Watene-Z
3. Arthars
4. Montoya
5. Kosi
6. Volkman Asi
7. Johnson
8. Fonua-B
9. Egan
10. Kepu
11. Harris
12. Murchie
13. Curran
14. Lussick
15. Afoa
16. Frei
17. Katoa Kepu
18. Ale

Given the news the past couple days-
Asi in for Volkman.
Kepu in for Katoa.

If Chanel isn't healthy then I'd probably put Dallin Watene-Zelezniak in the back, Montoya to wing, and Vailea into centre. There aren't many people on our team I would trust under a Burton Bomb, but Dallin would be safest in my opinion.

I don't want to bother with Aitken, Katoa and Walsh anymore; Maybe throw Aitken back in against the Titans for the Spoon Final but that's it.
Murchie, Asi and Arthars probably wont be here next year either but there is a possibility so lets see what they have got. Murchie and Arthars are probably the most in-form at their positions anyway.
Warriors: Chanel Harris-Tavita (knee), Jesse Arthars (quad) and Ben Murdoch-Masila (elbow) are all a chance of returning to action against the Bulldogs. Taniela Otukolo is free to play after accepting a fine for a crusher tackle against the Storm

Unbelievable that all that happened in the storm game and Otukolo is the one who’s got a fine.
Funny how just this week 360 was talking about how the Storm use these illegal tackle techniques. e.g. Hipdrop for one and get away with it.
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