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Pick Your Team 2022 Rnd 18 - Eels vs Warriors


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?


Chanel Harris-Tavita to fullback and Reece to standoff Volkman to miss the game.
Probably a good call against the Eels to be fair, and likely the Storm too.

Would love to have a look at Volkman and Walsh in the halves in one of the latter games as a taster - Volkman had some expected rookie errors tonight, but there's a real touch of class to him and I think he's going to turn into a fantastic player for us. Kid certainly doesn't shy away from contact.

Other than that - I don't think we change much, Pompey needs to put away the 2nd tackle miracle plays and just take the hard carry sometimes. We're a better team with Arthurs in the centres, I don't think there's a huge need for Aitken to move back there just yet, he's been absolutely fantastic in the second row for us.

Jazz looked every bit like Brandon Smith out there tonight as a small man playing prop. I'm a bit torn on the forwards because as Jazz has said, he's a better player off the bench - but he's been great as a starter recently all things consideredd. Addin Fonua-Blake off the bench was brilliant - likely only because he's recovering from covid, but I wouldn't mind seeing it happen again.

Just as a side note - I'd love to see Curran get the (c) at some stage. What an absolute champion of a player and a bloke.
1 C H Tavita
2 D W Zelezniak
3 J Arthars
4 A Pompey
5 M Montoya
6 R Volkman
7 S Johnson
8 A Pene
9 W Egan
10 J Tavaga
11 E Aitkin
12 T Harris c
13 J Curren

14 F Lussick
15 B Afoa
16 A F Blake
17 E Katoa

18th Man: R Walsh

By the sounds of it Walsh has a few personal issues going on. I think a break for a few weeks while he sorts his life out would do him some good.
Personal issues? Not COVID? If he’s fit he plays surely hopefully @ 6, great to see Shaun Johnson pumped, Volkman misses out.
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