Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team 2021 Rnd 6 - Dragons vs Warriors


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2 Montoya
3 Perham
4 Pompey
5 Ken
6 Paul Turner
7 Sean O'Sullivan
9 Egan
10 Evans
11 Murchie
12 Harris
13 Jazz

14 Nikorima
15 Ben Murdoch-Masila (prop)
16 Tom Ale
17 Katoa

This was fucking hard need Bunty, Jamayne Tounua-Brown Etc back. We are fucked. But Fusitua needs to go and Nikorima back to hooker.

We're getting Bunty and Jamayne Tounua-Brown back next game, thank christ.

I'd put Bunty in for Evans, and Jamayne Tounua-Brown for Nikorima.
2 Pompey - he’s a wing not a centre
3 Montoya - reward good effort until Hiku back
4 Perham - must offer more than Fusitua
5 Maumalo
6 Nikorima - can’t drop until Chanel Harris-Tavita back unfortunately
7 Sean O'Sullivan
8 Bunty
9 Egan
10 Jamayne Tounua-Brown
11 Sironen - is he back? Need him in attack.
12 Harris - rove wherever he’s needed
13 Jazz - deserves to start

14 Evans
15 Ben Murdoch-Masila
16 Murchie
17 Katoa - demoted to the bench for underperforming. Shorter time, more impact?
Definite changes is to bring back Bunty and Jamayne Tounua-Brown for Evans and probably Ale (although he would be considered unlucky)
id also drop Kodi to the bench to sub Egan who isn’t an 80 minute player, let alone a decent passing or running dummy half. Guess that means Turner into the halves (assuming he Doesn’t jump ship to the Broncos so that we can get Walsh early to teach him about the use of battering rams). If we had another hooking option I’d explore that too!
id also drop Maumalo who offers nothing other than a battering ram. someone with some pace please. Fusitua would be next to go, but not sure we can find 2 players with some pace in one week!!
O’Sullivan stays because there simply isn’t anyone else...
Tevaga stays because he was leading some pointless fox sports hard earned award...despite missing 7 tackles.
Katoa needs a rocket, or a rest, or something. He is Mr invisible at the moment.

We peaked at round 1.... sad but true
Our 5 key signings bought in this year to change our results:

- Addin Fonua-Blake - gone for season
- Aitken - out till round 10
- Kane Evans - out injured for 4 weeks and not up to speed yet
- Ben Murdoch-Masila - came not up to speed and hasn’t reached full fitness yet.
- Sironen - injured

Great bunch of help that lot has been to smash Manly 🤕. With that lot gone, we have to realistically expect similar results as last year.
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1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. A cabbage
3. Bucket of sand
4. Montoya
5. Gooooold riiiiiings
6. Turner
7. A wheelbarrow
8. Bunty
9. Justin Marshall
10. Jamayne Tounua-Brown
11. A scarecrow
12. Harris
13. Anyone but Jazz fucking Tevaga

14. Ben Murdoch-Masila
15. Bowl of porridge
16. Wheelie bin
17. Pompey
Geez some funny shit there, particularly the ‘anyone but Jazz fucking Tevaga’, love it, that’s gold. I mean only a complete fucking idiot would actually think that. Great comedy.