Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2021 Rnd 3 - Raiders vs Warriors

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Sports are slow to adapt other codes.

League started the adaptation by brining in Union goal kickers to coach League Kickers.

Union adapted people like SBW and offloading....before that they adapted some of the Storm systems....and before that they hired League defensive coaches for NZ Union teams, the England team and so forth.

AFL would have lots of transferable skills.

AB's also had an ex AFL guy as a skills Coach, his name was Byrne, now with the Wallabies I believe.
Yes I would like to see Turner play first grade next week.
Where did Sean O’Sullivan play this weekend. Turner played for Redcliffe. Did Sean O'Sullivan play?
Sean O'Sullivan was only cut from the reserves on gameday. Id like to see Turner get more game time as much as the next guy but for Chanel Harris-Tavita it’s more likely Sean O'Sullivan will be his replacement.

Only chance Turner gets a run is if Brown thinks our attack needs his running game.

For those that aren’t aware Jazz was never charged by the match review committee so is free to play.

Sirro had his arm in a sling after the game but was just precautionary.
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I think it is more likely that O'Sullivan will come in, he has the boot to put us in field position and experience to push the team around the field. He doesn't have to be flashy or even present much of a running threat.

He is slated for his defence in the trial, remember he had Fifita coming at him all day. Chanel Harris-Tavita is a bit of a rarity having some dominant D as a Half.
Jesus a pretty nothing tackle for a 3 week ban....
Annoying that the player knows to ‘play up’ to the mistake clutching at his neck making it look worse. Jamayne Tounua-Brown hasn’t been good though, so some time on the sideline could work out better for the team, same as for Chanel Harris-Tavita. Looking forward to enforced changes.
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Raiders are struggling to put away the sharks late into their game. I think we’re a good chance next week, need a good all round kicking game though. Wouldn’t be terribly upset to see Sean O'Sullivan in for some decent kicks.
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The game has sped up.. can we please look for our forwards to offload in the tackle from time to time and support a ball runner, occasionally coming back on the inside, as well as Kodi to take on the line more often!
Addin fonua Blake is doing this, just no one there to support him most of the time. Bloody frustrating watching that. I've seen countless times with him looking back to give the offload but no one there to receive.
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