Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Pick Your Team 2021 Rnd 16 - Warriors vs Dragons


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?



1st Grade Fringe
May 1, 2012
Evans is an absolute waste of space
Far worse culprits than Evans who only got 28 minutes and did run for 71 meters.
Would be very happy for Kodi to never play another game in the halves. Sean O'Sullivan has a very limited skillset, and yet Kodi was happy to sit back and let him take the pressure. I know Kodi isn't a natural organiser, but the fact he let a struggling Sean O'Sullivan continue to receive more ball than him was hugely disappointing


U20's Player
May 10, 2021
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Addin Fonua-Blake
Ah Mau
Tohu Harris

Ben Murdoch-Masila
Jamayne Tounua-Brown

Evans is an absolute waste of space and I'm sick of Jazz doing 2 dumb things for every positive thing. Sean O'Sullivan to be fired into the sun and never seen in first grade again.
U obviously another idea of footy. FARK AH. Evans better than any!! Coach is a farkwitt. NB will Never win anything with Warriors. Team is Not gelling due to coach


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 27, 2016
Finding it hard to care who they put out, we have a relatively easy run but i think we are too poor to take advantage of it.
I think brown will be pretty conservative, won't do anything radical, he is playing for his job i would think. Autex don't seem to be ones that sit on their hands when things aren't going right and it's hard to see where we are improving.


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 25, 2020
Seasons over so might as well play a group of elderly woman from a retirement village. At least they would put in a better effort than the current players


1st Grade Fringe
Jun 21, 2016
Didn't watch the game but listened to it on radio.... we need to go back to what was working, well what was working in a couple games anyway.... not sure if Ben Murdoch-Masila was playing up front this game if he did, needs to go to the edge where he was devastating to be swapped/ subbed out with Tohu Harris who should be starting in the 13 jersey, Curran needs to go back on the edge he runs good lines than swapped out with Katoa.... Tevaga replaces Tohu Harris who moves to the edge.... That was working for us don't know why Brown has changed it all up.... for me at this stage Sironen, Curran, Katoa, Murchie are fighting out two maybe three spots in the squad and Tevaga, Sironen that 13/ hooker cover spot.... My biggest problem with the backline is Kody has been for a long time, for all the experience he just doesn't take responsibility and leaves to the young guys to take all the heat in saying that he's in the squad so I would probably keep the backline except swap out Pompey for Berry..... Hope Egan's back sad I didn't get to see the young hooker get a run


1st Grade Fringe
Aug 28, 2016
Can finally pick a lineup knowing Dallin Watene-Zelezniak will be there. Selection dilemma for me is whether to pick Sironen or not, as we still haven't seen his 2020 form that he brought for the Bunnies last year. He's had a horror injury run including the latest HIA so maybe another week off in succession will do him good from a health and wellbeing perspective.

I'm doubtful of our chances of not seeing the continuation of Walsh at fullback with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck on the wing, but am hoping we'll be pleasantly surprised with Walsh going back to five-eighth.

1 Tuivasa-Sheck
2 Montoya
3 Berry
4 Aitken
5 Watene-Zelezniac
6 Walsh
7 Nikorima
8 Fonua-Blake
9 Egan (Tevaga)
10 Evans
11 Curran
12 Murdoch-Masila
13 Harris

14 Otukolo
15 Ah Mau
16 Afoa
17 Katoa

18 Pompey
20 O'sullivan
21 Murchie
22 Taunoa-Brown

23 Lodge?????


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 26, 2016
TAB has us as pretty solid favourites, can anyone explain that? Is ST George going that poorly?
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1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2019
1 R T Sheck (stays there)
2 A Pompey (Left Wing)
3 E Aitkin
4 R Berry
5 D W Zelezniak (right wing)
? K Nikorima (no number until he can do more then a nice unders play) what a loser!!!
7 R Walsh (good enough for origin then good enough for Halves)
8 A F Blake
9 W Egan / T Otukolo
10 T Harris (until we sign Lodge)
11 J Curren
12 B M Masila
13 J Tavaga

14 T Otukolo / B Sironen
15 L A Mau
16 B Afoa
17 J Murchie
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