hey I been a league fan since I watched my first test series Kiwis v Aus early 80s as a teenager and tbh you prob no as much as me lol you have a lot of insight and stats/data that tbh I cant be bothered looking for so its good that you have them on hand... so I wouldnt sell yourself to short that you dont know that much..... I also loved my cricket as a teenager watching Wright, Hadlee, Cairns never played except backyard stuff but lost interest during the 90s when England came over and thrashed us... I never really watched much since but damn Im glad they playing some good shit now..... as for Ben Murdoch-Masila he still could have got involved more but cant blame him for the loss it was a team effort 😆
Thanks DallyM ! :)

I remember the 1980s blackcaps well. Was epic when we would get invited to the Benson and Hedges tri series in Aussie. Should bring that back. Was the best.
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Sean O'Sullivan came off with 11minutes to go against the Bears, they scored a try right before and he came off without attempting the conversion after he'd been the kicker all game at 100%. Looking at the highlights he can be seen walking just before the try is scored but didn't seem in any obvious distress so not sure what's wrong with him,
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No idea about the the team. Some questions will get answered though.
1. Can Sean O'Sullivan and Kodi work well?
2. Can Walsh keep up his trajectory?
3. Same for Kosi..
4. Is Otukolo up to first grade?

Good questions.
1. Yes, have worked well before
2, Yes, but will be a target now both attack and defence
3, Kosi has not been on a trajectory - on present form , it’s clear he’s not up to 1st grade standard and needs a lot of time at Redcliffe. Do not let him play 1st grade again this year
4, Time will tell - a big step up to first grade

Is this Valimea(sic) guy a winger?