Reading a Stuff article that says Fusitua,Harris and Maumalo are now toying with the idea of returning home?! If this is half pai true along with the article this morning claiming that Passi and Pulu also want to jump ship. If this is indeed the case we’re truly going to have to do some serious soul searching,as a team and a club! Strange days indeed?!
Team might pick itself based on who’s fit and who hasn’t jumped on a plane.
Passi and Pulu are good mates aren’t they? Where are they off too?!?
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Warriors' injury list: Jazz Tevaga (knee), Eliesa Katoa (ankle), Nathaniel Roache (knee, ankle), Adam Keighran (knee), Leeson Ah Mau (pectoral), Jackson Frei (knee), Bunty Afoa (knee), Rocco Berry (back), Selestino Ravutaumada (shoulder), Taane Milne (knee).

Fusitua and Burr subject to passing HIA

Paasi, Pulu, Maumalo and Fusitua subject to still being in Australia.

Edit: Faumasili flown the coop
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck facing ban for shoulder charge

Anticipated team: Whoever’s left after training this week.
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Maybe they should put the Warriors on the plane home and sub in a country league team like the Wyong Roos, the Toowoomba Clydesdales or the PNG Hunters. It'd be a lot more entertaining watching a team of underdogs get flogged and score the odd miracle try than watching our guys continue to crumble. Would be like Bad News Bears, Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings all rolled into one...
Going off Paytens post match press conference saying we have o my 4 or 5 fit players left I wouldn’t expect a raft of changes... but also going off his comment that he will pick players who can defend and doesn’t care what they offer in attack I’d expect Hiku and Nikorima to both be axed!
It was telling with the Papenhuyzen try down their edge. There was no attempt to make a tackle in desperation, not even a dive at him. Its great that Payten has acknowledged that and hopefully he does make the call and give Perham proper game time. He's been over there for the duration and must be given his chance at centre where he looks most suited. Also Keighran needs more of a go at centre when he recovers from his injury. Liked Harris Tavita's attitude last night too. He gave it a real crack at hooker which is not his preferred position.