Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 2 - Warriors vs Raiders

Do our Round 1 debutants deserve another call up?

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Forgot about Perham.

I actually really want to see what AK can do in the centres though after he was reserve grade centre of the year previously. Wouldn't mind seeing him again in the halves either.
bring in the young guns I say.
A lot of weird teams being posted. Have I missed something where we're allowed to go outside the top 30?

Don't get me wrong, I'd be very happy to dump Green, Blair etc and bring in whoever we want, I just haven't seen anything.
The warriors season in the nrl is dead.

This round coming is (if, its played) the last one.

I have already cancelled my sky sports now subscription.

Although I was going to regardless.

It is absolutely shit.

Fuck you sky tv... I will from now on be pirating any sport i want to watch.
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It sounds like they are going to play this game and then quit. The Government are going to review it in 16 days, I don't know why they don't wait until then.

Considering the way they play most of the time, quitting and taking the easy option is in their DNA.

Seems to change by the minute. Looks like we will have the joy of SK as coach again in 2021.
Guess if Hiku and Herbert have come home.

1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2-Turner 3-Fusitua⁷ 4-Milne 5-Maumalo
6-Chanel Harris-Tavita 7-Nikorima 8-Paasi 9-Egan 10-Jamayne Tounua-Brown
11-Katoa 12-Harris 13-Vuniyayawa.

14-Lawton 15-LAM 16-Blair 16-ATG
Unless Paasi flew this evening, he would have to go into 2 weeks isolation when he got to Aussie,
Milne got injured in the Canterbury Cup game so is probably out and the Canterbury Cup team flew
back today so they won't be available either, unless they left some players over there. So I believe
we are just left with the guys that played, minus Herbert and HIku, plus Hayze and Lawton. So unless
Curran and Paasi flew over this evening, we have only 13 players, Lawton would have to play centre and
Hayze on the wing. So we really are in a shit position, if we get any injuries we can't field a 17, unless we
get loan players. Having said all that I believe before the next round the NRL will suspend the season.
I reckon the nrl is going to stop. All it takes is 1 infected player. Warriors can hopefully stick with it until its called, otherwise they'll get blamed.

Hopefully this weekend they play like it's the nrl grand final


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honestly, i cant believe they stayed in aus. seems an incredibly stupid decision. as soon as nz made the call, you knew aus would do it to


What day/time is our game against raiders next week(If it happens)? NRL.com still says Eden park etc lol
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