Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 7 - Warriors vs Dragons

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Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 7 - Warriors vs Dragons

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After the Round 6 game against the Brisbane Broncos at Mt Smart Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 7 game against the St George-Illawarra Dragons back at Mt Smart Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Fusitua/CNK
3. Hiku
4. Ayshford(didn't play ISP so may be injured)/Fusitua who stays right side
5. Maumolo
6. Green
7. Johnson
8. Paasi
9. Luke
10. Afoa
11. Mannering
12. Harris
13. Blair

14. Tevaga (covering 9 and 13 - an option to speed the play the ball up and good defense)
15. Lisone
16. Sao/Vete
17. Satae/Papalii (don't see where Papalii plays if both second rowers play 80 - Satae brings size and runs hard + Sao can cover out wide if injuries occur)
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Personally, I would move Fusitu'a to centre until Beale is fit.

He has to be a better option than Ayshford and Warriors have some good wingers to take his place for the time being.

I actually dig this idea. Move Fusitua to Centre, play CNK or Soosemea outside him. Both are more than capable of playing the winger role. Soosemea is leading try scorer in ISP I believe. Reward the young man with a call up.

Ayshford is solid and does his job but he's still recovering from a back injury I believe. Haven't heard too much about him.
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The Fusitua to centre idea has merit, the obvious downside being you then have a disrupted right and left edge once you move Fusitua to the other side of the field.

I’m sure Gelling will get a start and given his lack of game time in either first grade or ISP will mean he will look very rusty, as he did tonight.


I am resigned to Gelling getting the nod at centre.

The aggressive move is to bring back Beale a week early with Gelling again as cover on the bench in case Gerard (or Roger break down). Even I wouldn't do that though as you kind of are gambling with Gerard's long term career. Too many players get reinjured after coming back to soon.
He has always been on track for round 8, despite the odd contradictory report, let him stay that way even if it costs us another loss.

Lawton looked a million dollars after brushing off a few cobwebs. I think he will be considered sooner rather than later. Will probably get Gelling's spot once we get over our injury concerns in the backs.


This year yet?
Need impact of the Bench so Gelling needs to go.
Also need to go back to what was working for us with players like Lisone being impact players and not starters.
Mannering to start..at 13
Tevaga swapped for Lawton Tevaga just overplays his hand and gets in the way at times.
Papali’i in for injuries
Beale in at centrefor Kata if injured or Hiku if he’s not, leave Fusitua where he is he ain’t a centre he’s our leading try scorer - on the wing
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Just re-reading some of the posts above. I think Mannering has had two games off the bench and that is enough to ease him back in. Where-ever he plays next week e.g. 11 or 13 he needs to start and ideally go 80 minutes.
If that fucks over Papali'i then so be it.
I personally don't think we will see Mannering again in the number 13 jersey. Most decision makers are slow to make their mind up, and even slower to change their mind. We will need to see some more losses to make Blair return to 10 and Mannering to 13. Plus I also figure this has been player initiated. Blair probably asked to go 13 and Mannering wanted 11.
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I thought Lawton looked pretty good in the ISP game today. My issue with bringing him in is that I’m not sure how he’d be used. If he’s just going to come on at lock like Tevaga seems to, then I don’t think he will add anything Tevaga doesn’t provide.

The glaring issue with having either of them there is that you have a bench hooker playing large minutes but not actually playing hooker. Simon is back now, he should be playing those minutes up the middle. He will make plenty of tackles and will put his hand up for carries.

The way Kearney uses the bench is going to be important this season. We don’t have 2 or 3 forwards that are going run 150+ metres each. Our forward pack is going to be one that relies on a collective effort, which means the use of the bench has to be smart. So far, I feel he’s missed a beat carrying Gelling like this, and the use of Tevaga hasn’t really made a lot of sense.

People are not questioning these sort of things much at present but if we lose against the Dragons and then Melbourne, both fairly conceivable results - then the scrutiny will come back on these sort of selections.
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