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Jul 13, 2014
Mannering’s three hundredth game.
Mannering’s last ever regular season game.
First finals appearance assured in nearly a decade.
Chance of a home final.
My birthday the next day.

And my wife wants me to go to some fashion show. FML!!!!
You're gonna have to give her the credit card and hope for the best.;)

Some games just can't be missed.
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May 19, 2013
Central Otago
Luke is out of gas so I would rest him. And would rest one of Green and SJ as Lino went great guns.

And still try to win.

Yeah luke look gassed many times seen him standing still while game was in play in attack .. hope he will recover as much as a rest would be good a home semi final would be huge ... and we need to dump the Raiders HUGE pack Bully is key to that..

the Bulldogs Storm , knights win which going from recent form could well do then we just need to beat the Raiders more than the Broncos likely beat the woeful Manly and we end the Reg season in 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Apr 20, 2012
Just to rub it in mate my Wife hates shopping and is fay handier than me. She fixed our lawnmower recently.

The flip side is she measured me up and built my coffin. True story.
Years ago, I removed some plants from a brick planter and built a timber seat and tables over it instead - my next door neighbour wondered if I was building a coffin in the garage when he saw me building the frame for it.


All Out!
Jul 15, 2013
Haha, the only thing fashion related is trying to decide what to wear for Simon's 300th bro.

Ah our wives. Gotta you love em!

(My Mrs, who's not a league, said last night, "why doesn't Kata ever pass it to Ken!")

Lol mine only knows a handful of players but knows Kata- when I asked how she knew him she was “coz you’re always abusing him for not passing” lol


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May 7, 2012
SK must be tempted to rest a few players.

Depends on how highly he rates a possible home final + having form going into the finals.

A home final is meh for this lot, they play better in Australia on a dry fast track.

The NRL take the profits from the game so that is not an incentive.

With the way the comp is so wide open this is not the time to meddle.

Best foot forward go in hot, no fear.

Obviously Green can stay rested unless he's one hundred percent.

Luke might be the one to rest, we are told he is playing with a bung shoulder / needs an op.
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Mar 4, 2016
SK must be tempted to rest a few players.

Luke might be the one to rest, we are told he is playing with a bung shoulder / needs an op.

This is why I'm hoping we either play the Storm last or someone else knocks them out: Melbourne (particularly Smith) work Luke's shoulder mercilessly, not quite a chicken-wing but some dirty play in the tackle that's not in the spirit of the game.

That kind of play is one of the most cynical parts of the Storm's game over the years, sure running at a player's weakened side whatever... but trying to intentionally aggravate injuries in the tackle is a dog act.


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Jun 29, 2014
Just for once this season i would like to see Beale/Hiku as the centres just to see what would happen with them feeding the wingers - but its never going to happen though - until Kata learns to pass and grow a semi footy brain he is on my hit list. ;);););)
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May 19, 2012
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