Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 21 - Dragons vs Warriors

Preferred hooker replacement?

  • Jazz Tevaga

  • Karl Lawton

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Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 21 - Dragons vs Warriors

After the Round 20 game against the Gold Coast Titans at Cbus Super Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 21 game against the St George-Illawarra Dragons at WIN Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

1) Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (after getting whacked by Sami hopefully Rog takes it in his stride and rediscovers that brilliant d from the start of the season)
2) Fusitua (kick to Fusitua has to be a go-to, he's freakish in the air so give him the ball)
3) Hiku (combo with Fusitua was going well, bring it back I reckon)
4) Beale (Got some decent footwork and should hopefully feed the big marn Kenny if given the chance. Kata has to go, blowing way too many chances to get the ball to Ken with his tunnel vision. On Sol, I felt that he was beginning to gain confidence but he's really put a dent into that thought with some of his decision making. Can't see him being dropped by SK though but the match is close if not a must win against the dragons and we can't have these kind of flaws blowing attacking opportunities)
5) Maumalo (Feed the Big Lad, awesome to see that's he's grown as a player!)
6) Green (A few bad 5th play options by his standards in the titans loss, should come good)
7) Johnson (Good to see the big right foot step is back, fingers crossed more to come)
8) Afoa (need to use the big unit more, yes the leg drive!)
9) Luke (Please be fit and firing Mr Luke, key man, if he's not there we're in big trouble!)
10) Paasi (Been solid so hold's his spot, silly errors near the end of the titans game with the forced passes leading to drops)
11) Pulu (Looked strong with ball in hand, hopefully keeps it up)
12) Harris (A big IN if he's good to go)
13) Blair (Hopefully no more suspensions for you Blairy)
14) Lawton (Get's the nod over Tevaga as he brings more to table especially with regards to impact, the sniper- good try today)
15) Gavet (been disappointed with his performance this season in comparison to last, ran hard but could be more effective of the bench, sort the hair out as well dude)
16) Mannering (the ledge is 0-2 after announcing the retirement, c'mon lets get the W)
17) Papalii (champ may need a rest, would be good to see what impact he brings off the bench)
I don't see why players have to play the same position in attack and in defence.

In attack I'd have Hiku at centre, Fusitua at wing (best attacking combination). On defence, hide Hiku on the wing, Fusitua moves in one.

Also need more strong carries in the middle and more creativity on the edge. Put Blair (who never gets many run metres anyway) on an edge for an offload, Papali'i in the middle for some strong charges. In defence, Adam goes to the middle, Papali'i to an edge.

Beale for Kata.

And Ligi or Satae for Lisone always. If SK won't play Ligi, it's time to move him on and get someone he will play instead.

We should still get 8th, but we need to find another gear to offer anything in the finals.
Harris, Luke, Blair, Hiku in
Tevaga, Vuna, Lisone and Kata out
Yup, obvious choice. Tough call for young Vuna as he has done nothing wrong, but great experience for him and has to make way for senior guys.

Enough chances for Kata. Off you go to ISP, he's had one decent game a couple of weeks ago. That's been it all season.
Right side attack has to come back again. We've done nothing while it's been disrupted.

I have a horrible feeling that SK will leave both Kata and Tevanga in tho.
No Steve, you're likely to have he best squad of the season available for this game, no more experiments...use them, get them gelling with each other ready for a solid go at the finals.
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I've had enough of Kata, truly. Hiku has had some shockers on D but Kata hasn't improved one bit over multiple seasons. He can piss off to ISP and earn his spot back - no more free ride for being Kearney's son.

Really though as long as I don't see Jazz or Lisone in the lineup I'll be happy.

1 - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2 - Fusitua
3 - Beale
4 - Hiku
5 - Maumalo
6 - Green
7 - Johnson
8 - Afoa
9 - Luke
10 - Paasi
11 - Papalii
12 - Harris
13 - Blair
14 - Lawton
15 - Pulu
16 - Gavet
17 - Mannering

Agree on your team picked


18. Lino
19. Jazz
20. Vuna
21. Ligi
22. Hiku
Hiku needs to come back in an get that combo going with Fusitua again. Would like to see how ken an beal go together. On that note I wish ken would go looking for the ball not just start our sets. The O.G Beast used to come in when we were getting no yardage an our pack was struggling. He has come a long way an is more all rounded than Manu but I would like to see him be more aggressive. The tevaga experiment has gone on long enough. Like someone else said we don't need a pack full of tackle bots we need some ball players. Offence is the best defence.

hiku- Tackle hard bro
luke- Pleas be fit season depends on it
gavet- That crusher tackle didn't help but he is starting to fall down the pecking order. Hopefully not the next Lisone
Tohu Harris
blair- Missed his leadership so stop getting suspended fuck ya

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