Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 5 - Warriors vs Titans

Initial thoughts on the Round 6 team list?

  • Same team

  • Tweak backline

  • Tweak forwards

  • Tweak bench

  • Nuke the roster!

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1. Captain
2. Lolo (honest he's gana play amazingly this week)
3. Fusitua
4. G. Reedy
5. Ayshford
6. Foran/Ata
7. The anomaly that is Shaun Johnson
8. Gavet
9. Roache
10. Vete
11. Bodene Bodene Bodene Bodene
12. Bunty
13. Mannering

14. Lillyman
15. Lisone
16. T. Sipley
17. Maumalo

18. CNK
19. Ata/Foran
20. Hoffman
21. Somebody else
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Me too. Isnt that the reason we hardly post anymore? If these clowns dont give any effort why should we care?

I basically have nothing to say anymore... how many times can you say the same thing?
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Me too. Isnt that the reason we hardly post anymore? If these clowns dont give any effort why should we care?

Nowdays I get more enjoyment from the forum than from the footy. And the worse we get on the field the better the forum gets. And the funnier it gets too. On Sunday night I was swearing at the game on TV and laughing at the forum all at the same time

Am I the only one that's getting a perverse pleasure in watching the Warriors find new ways to self destruct season after season? I had a feeling that Foran wouldn't see the game out at the weekend. I don't know how but it seemed to me that it was always going to happen. I thought maybe a recurrence of the season ending shoulder injury because that is the Warriors luck

This weekend I would definitely drop Lolohea, Hoffman, and Luke, and possibly Lillyman and Kata. The club have to start making a statement to the players.

If you don't perform at 100% of your ability you will be replaced with some one who will, even if they don't have the same skills and experience. And I would be fine with that.

I want to see 17 men who will try and keep trying this weekend. Who they are probably really doesn't matter. Just so long as they try with everything they have. I would be happy to see Gubb and Maumolo out there for that reason. As well as Ayshford. They may not be world beaters but they try
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